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BMW i8 Spyder production could still be years away

BMW will still build a convertible version of the i8, but production of the droptop hybrid sports car won't happen for at least a couple more years. That's according to an anonymous BMW insider speaking to Motoring.

"There will be no new i models in 2016. Not even the convertible," the insider told the Australian publication.

While the i8 Spyder might not arrive for a while, the company still sees a place for it in the model range. "The i8 is selling well enough now, so the lineup doesn't strictly need it," another unnamed BMW insider told Motoring. "We are doing it, we are just doing it slowly because it's not all we are doing." The automaker sold 2,265 examples of the i8 in the US in 2015, which was up from 555 in 2014.

BMW first imagined the convertible i8 with the Spyder concept way back in 2012, and a report in 2013 hinted that it was near production, which never happened. The company then sliced off the sports car's doors and roof for the orange I Vision Future (pictured above) at the recent 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. The concept's open design gave BMW an easy place to show off the AirTouch gesture control system at the tech event.

These insider claims are a complete reversal from BMW CEO Harald Kruger's assertion in December that the company would soon unveil the production i8 Spyder. The boss didn't indicate the debut's exact timing, but it seemed a lot sooner than at least a year from now. We'll have to wait and see.


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