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Ford recalls 200K Escape, Transit Connect models over instrument panel

Ford is announcing two new recalls that cover a total of 203,494 vehicles in North America. By far the larger of the campaigns is a recall for 203,445 examples of the 2014-2015 Escape and Transit Connect in North America. Specifically, there are 182,520 units recalled in the US, 18,226 in Canada, and 2,699 in Mexico. For these models, the instrument cluster, warning messages, lights, and chimes might not work at startup. This problem puts the vehicles out of compliance with the federal motor vehicle code, and the fix is a software update.

The other recall is minuscule and only affects 49 units of the 2015 Transit that are owned by a single fleet customer. The company's vans have a specially ordered front passenger seatbelt, but the parts aren't labeled correctly under the federal code. Everything works properly, though, according to Ford. The fix is simply a new decal with the required info. No accidents or injuries are known to be related to either of these two recalls.

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