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Here's another gallery of the Ford GT

The Ford GT was the star of the 2015 Detroit Auto Show and the favorite debut among Autoblog's editors. Ford didn't follow up this year with any big announcements about the upcoming supercar, but the company did put this white example on display – and it certainly got our attention. The simple paint scheme presents a great opportunity to spot the beautiful details on one of the most anticipated vehicles in the world.

The GT's low-slung nose and hood design evoke elements from the classic racecar, but the retro inspiration gives way to modern design cues further down the body. The flying buttresses between the roof and rear fenders are still one of our favorite visual flourishes of any modern vehicle. Take a look at the supercar from the back to admire the aerodynamic lines and see the 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 with over 600 horsepower through the rear glass.

This GT's white body also highlights the bare carbon fiber components. Check out our close-up shots of the front end to see the gentle curve as the lower fascia meets the fender, and another photo singles out the delicate stalk that holds up the side mirror. The dark trumpets of the exhausts look fantastic with the stark contrast of the lighter bodywork around them, too.

Ford plans to build just 250 examples of the GT each year, and the company should begin accepting the first applications for orders soon for a price reportedly around $400,000. We also look forward to seeing the GT racing around the world in the coming season.


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