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Ford's smartwatch apps let drivers unlock its EVs

In recent months, both Hyundai and Volvo have launched smartwatch apps, allowing car owners to control some of their vehicle's functions from the comfort of their wrist. Now Ford wants in on the action. In the latest update to its MyFord app, available on both iOS and Android Wear, the carmaker is letting drivers of select electric and plug-in hybrid models access information on their vehicle battery status (including the estimated range), enable the air-conditioning, lock and unlock the car and follow directions to where their car is parked.

One particularly interesting feature is the addition of a personal driving score, which indicates how well you are driving by factoring in your average miles to the gallon, distance traveled and how efficiently you accelerate and slow down. The more green leaves you see on the display, the better you're driving. If you own a Ford C-Max Energi, Ford Focus Electric, or Ford Fusion Energi and either an Apple Watch or Android Wear smartwatch (or both), then download the app right away.

This article by Matt Brian originally ran on Engadget, the definitive guide to this connected life. Show full PR text New Ford Smart Watch Apps Allow Electric Vehicle Owners to Check Status from their Wrist

Smartwatch owners can now download an update for the MyFord® Mobile app in the Apple App Store and Google Play, which includes Android Wear and Apple Watch smartwatch applications
The apps, developed by Ford engineers, allow users who drive Ford battery electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles to check their battery charge level, determine driving range before a trip and locate where their vehicle is parked, among many other offerings – all from their wrist
MyFord Mobile watch apps specifically developed to fit the design of both round and rectangular watch faces

DEARBORN, Mich., Sept. 16, 2015 – Drivers of Ford electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles can now access their battery charge status, unlock their doors and get a driving score from their last trip with the MyFord® Mobile application for smartwatches.

"The app gives drivers the ability to quickly check important data like available range before leaving on a journey – without having to access the mobile application on their smartphone," said David Hatton, Ford manager, Connected Vehicles and Services. "The app can also notify users when their car is fully charged, helping a driver be courteous to other electric vehicle owners so they can free up the charging spot or avoid fees applied at some charging stations when you overrun your time after the charge is complete."

The watch apps were specifically developed for easy use and to fit smartwatch displays. For example, rounded gauges used match the look of round watch faces like that of the new Moto 360. If desired, using Apple Watch, the user can access the glance feature to simply swipe up on the watch interface to quickly launch the app. The apps are built to complement the MyFord Mobile platform, which debuted on Android and Apple smartphones in 2012.

Smartwatch app features include:

? Range and charge status for battery electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles
? Capability to initiate preconditioning of vehicle cabin remotely
? Locking/unlocking capability
? Vehicle mileage summary
? Last trip summary includes personal driving score, percentage of electric vehicle miles
? Vehicle location provides walking or driving directions back to your parked car

The last trip feature lets drivers monitor their driving score – showing miles per gallon or miles per gallon equivalent, trip miles, and braking and driving efficiency. The graphic shows more green leaves the more efficient you drive.

Included with this update, the main app offers a Google Maps feature with pinch/zoom capability, which provides availability of nearby charging stations.

The app with smartwatch features is designed for new or existing owners of Ford C-MAX Energi, Ford Focus Electric and Ford Fusion Energi. Source

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