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Renault Estafette #8614353

Renault Estafette

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  • Volvo joins consortium Car 2 Car

    Volvo joins consortium Car 2 Car

    The European consortium Car 2 Car has given mission the study of new technologies for communication between vehicles, which is accompanied by the improvement of road infrastructure to become more secure. Given that communication between vehicles must necessarily pass through a wireless network that allows the use of navigation systems, themselves, associated with different systems of electronic

  • Deeper models in sight!

    Deeper models in sight!

    The combination of modelistes Estrie invites all lovers of model has its annual exhibition to be held in Granby, Sunday, March 21, 2010 from 8 to 16 hours. As in past years, this is a hotel Granbyen (700, rue Principale, Granby) will be held this exhibition. For those who would never visit such exposure, remember that models Deeper found there are a far cry from those that we made when we were

  • 2013 Infiniti JX: For family outings

    2013 Infiniti JX: For family outings

    Family SUV claws Infiniti expands again with the arrival of the model "JX", the first vehicle of this brand can accommodate up to seven passengers. Unlike other SUV brand using the Infiniti FM platform, the JX has been developed from the JX platform on which sit the Nissan Altima, Maxima, Murano and Quest. But do not worry, the new model will only benefit the integral traction in Canada while the

  • Mitsubishi Motors is partnering with Bullfrog Power for renewable energy

    Mitsubishi Motors is partnering with Bullfrog Power for renewable energy

    Mitsubishi Canada, inc. (MMSC) today announced its new partnership with Bullfrog Power, the only green electricity provider in Canada. This alliance would make Mitsubishi the first automobile company in Canada to convert its registered office in the green renewable electricity 100 percent. Of April 1, Mitsubishi transform approximately 175 MWh of electricity consumed annually in green


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