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FSO Warszawa #8879990

FSO Warszawa

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  • Hydro-Quebec delivers fifteen cars i-MiEV has Boucherville businesses

    Hydro-Quebec delivers fifteen cars i-MiEV has Boucherville businesses

    The largest program of electric cars in Canada Hydro-Quebec is pleased to announce that it has completed the delivery of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV to Boucherville businesses selected for the second phase of the most important test of any electric car program in Canada. "We are very pleased with the involvement of Boucherville businesses. We enter the heart of this demonstration project because we

  • Quebec tackles gas emissions greenhouse

    Quebec tackles gas emissions greenhouse

    Of mid-January, automakers must comply to new standards for emissions of greenhouse gas emissions. These last are equivalent to those of California, regarded as being the most severe in America. Recall that a good fifteen American states have followed California's example in recent years. Quebec's approach that will certainly not unanimously, may still be regarded as a big step in the right

  • 2012 Scion iQ: Available from $ 16,760

    2012 Scion iQ: Available from $ 16,760

    Scion iQ offers great ideas in a small package at a price of $ 16,760 that is sure to bring a smile drivers It offers a lot for the price, thanks to a generous list of standard features, leaving you money in your pocket to personalize this four seater vehicle secure, industry and urban - the smallest in the world - will happen in November . Scion iQ - a new model for 2012 - is a microcar that

  • Hyundai says 'sayonara' to walk Japanese

    Hyundai says 'sayonara' to walk Japanese

    Despite the success recorded everywhere across the planet, including levels of sales and production of vehicles, Hyundai has never really managed to gain a foothold in the Japanese automobile chessboard. And that's saying something ... Thus, since his arrival in the country of the rising sun has just over 15,000 vehicles Hyundai claws have find takers. With this really precipitate departure, it


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