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Toyota iQ #8201892

Toyota iQ

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  • Volvo LCP 2000: 30 years later

    Volvo LCP 2000: 30 years later

    In the mid 70s, after having presented the axes on total security concepts, manufacturers began to work on the lightest car possible so that it can offer a better energy balance. One dictated by the oil crisis of 1972 approach. Among these concepts, we find the Volvo LCP 2000, we celebrated thirty years, which has served the era of scientific laboratory design to design a car whose weight must

  • Toyota and BMW will work hand in hand

    Toyota and BMW will work hand in hand

    Here is a more significant agreement which demonstrates the serious manufacturers to accelerate the development process of new technological approaches, more and more environmentally friendly. At first, the agreement between the two manufacturers mainly affects: -    The joint development of more efficient batteries lithium-ion; -    Supply BMW 1.6 liter and 2.0 liter diesel engines to the

  • 1618 km 24h: world record for ZOE

    1618 km 24h: world record for ZOE

    ZOE establishes a new world record. This is the greatest distance covered in 24 hours for an electric vehicle serial. With 363 laps loops ring Aubevoye speed, distance reached is 1618 km, improving 25% the previous record established in 1280 km. ZOE improves by 25% the previous distance record of 24 hours for an electric vehicle serial. ZOE and demonstrated its performance, reliability and

  • Volvo developed a new platform

    Volvo developed a new platform

    New models Volvo announces pricing for its 2014 models Volvo XC40: beyond mere intention The Swedish manufacturer and its owner, the Chinese Geely have initiates the development of the Scalable Platform Architecture (SPA) platform, which will be used in the production of compact cars. We also learned that Volvo is working to develop new products intended to compete more forcefully against the


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