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L'Universite Laval still wins Shell Eco-Marathon Americas

L'Universite Laval

L'Universite Laval in Quebec has come to dramatic 3,587 miles with a single gallon of gas to win the 7th competition Shell Eco-marathon Americas, held late last week. This is the best result obtained by the Universite Laval and the challenge of the Americas.

For the fourth time in five years, the Canadian team has dominated the competition, which drew more than 1,000 students for the Americas. The winner of last year, a team from Mater Dei High School in Evansville, Indiana, is the second class with a better golf 2308 mi / gal on the track through the streets of downtown Houston.

Some 131 vehicles competed in various categories this year the first prize of $ 2,000.

The feat of Universite Laval - of nearly 1,300 mi / gal higher than that obtained by Mater Dei last year - has astounded other competitors and spectators who attend the events of the weekend. Saturday was one of the first tests, the vehicle of the Universite Laval has recorded 3,001 mi / gal, breaking a record. Of teams represented the Brazil, Canada, Guatemala, Mexico and the United States.

A remarkable achievement in consumption

"The victory of the Universite Laval is truly remarkable and underlines the extent of the progress that can benefit our own cars and trucks in matters of fuel economy, stated Lorraine Mitchelmore, Shell Canada presidente. Dedicated teams of secondary school students and university students amaze us by their progress each year giving rise to unprecedented improvements in fuel economy. "

In 2012, the team from the University Laval served as quite a shock to participants, but it was not during a qualification test.

"We used our frustrations at the event last year to motivate us to come back stronger than ever, says Philippe Bouchard, head of the team of the University Laval. We as members of this new team and spends twice as much time to the development of the engine and the construction of the car. "

The world record of 8,914 mi / gal resists

Although narcotic, the result of winning the Universite Laval - obtained in the prototype category of vehicles to internal combustion engines - did not beat the record of all time 8914 mi / gal established by a French team in 2003 . Besides the Americas competition in Houston, the Shell Eco-marathon has also held each year in Europe and Asia and involves the participation of thousands of students from dozens of countries.

The secondary school Mater Dei again won the prize in the category this year urban concepts, thanks to a result of the 849,000 gallon of gasoline. The second place belongs to the team from Louisiana Tech University, the vehicle has traveled 335 miles per gallon of diesel fuel.

In these two categories of vehicles, the teams may use either internal sources of energy has electric or combustion, which includes diesel technologies, has gasoline, ethanol has has EMAG has the solar energy, hydrogen and battery.

Team Minnesota builds a new Hollywood

For three years, the team Wolves on Wheels, St. Paul School of Covington, Minnesota, adopts Popular themes of cinema in the context of competition. Last year, the team drew attention with its urban concept vehicle "Mac Daddy", inspired by the secret agent Angus MacGyver. This year, true to itself, the team has nylons two of its vehicles to the film after Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Back to the Future.

"Our team really wanted to show that a fuel-efficient car may also look cool, says the captain of the team, Marcus Garner. The body of the vehicle crew is very much like the famous DeLorean stainless steel used in the movies Back to the Future, with its blue lighting, its silver paint and gullwing doors.

The doors were a challenge but says Marcus Garner, "he was out of the question to install dummy doors - they form the visual signature of the car! "

Competitors stand united in adversity

The least we can say is that the team from the University del Valle of Guatemala overcome a host of obstacles en route to Houston. Restrictions on air transport have obligee to ship a car without an engine.

Team secondary school Schurr, Montebello, California is then entered into stage. As veterans of the Shell Eco-marathon Americas, counsel for the team, Armando Hernandez, and his students have offered another engine Guatemalans and transportation in the area of ​​Houston to buy spare parts.

"We know how much effort is invested in vehicles and the competition, it would be sad to see other competitors come so far without being able to participate, has entrusted us Leonardo Lopez, a member of the crew of the secondary school Schurr .

For their part, the crew members of Guatemala are very grateful for the hospitality, generosity and camaraderie, stated Andres Hernandez, leader of the team, adding: "We felt like at home. "

The teams undergo a rigorous technical inspection

The convention center George R. Brown was full of activity during the weekend when the teams worked tirelessly on their vehicles to succeed exhaustive technical inspection.

Of specialized engineers Michelin have worked with teams of students onto the starting line to ensure that the vehicles built by them meet all safety requirements and are in the best state of walking possible.

Inspections can reveal the major design defects necessitating that the changes are made at short notice.

Team St. Thomas Academy, Mendota Heights, Minnesota, traveled more than 1,000-mile Houston discover its electric vehicle measured four inches (ten centimeters) too.

"Our car was too long.

We have to choose between a standout participation or to change, and we wanted to be a competitor of our first trip here, "declared a member of the team, which used a hacksaw to cut off the back of his car and comply with the rules of the ordeal. "We should have come before the measure!," Said the joke was another member of the team.

A new team is female demarque

Since 2010, the team Shopgirls, secondary school in Granite Falls, Washington, is the only female team in competition. This year, the team Doves Under the Hood, St. Scholastica Academy in Covington, Louisiana, kept them company. Old welcomed the news by greetings and gifts before the event.

"We were delighted to learn of another female crew says Dansil Green, chief pilot and crew Shopgirls. The teams share a common goal: to prove that a female team can be a serious competitor in an event center on technology and dominated by men.

More than 4,000 Houstonians have attended the Shell Eco-marathon Americas and have experience of Shell Energy Lab. This is an interactive exhibition that demonstrates how the work of participants in the Shell Eco-marathon Americas is only one of many inspiring efforts that appeal to innovation to meet the energy challenges and bring the world's population encourage cleaner modes of transportation and efficient in terms of energy.

For a look behind the scenes, watch the video series Road to Houston.

For more information on all events planned in 2013 around the world, including the complete list of results in the Americas in 2013, visit the Shell Eco-marathon / ecomarathon.

Source: Shell Canada

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