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Bridgestone Americas: Ads on the environment

As part of its ongoing commitment to ensure a healthy environment for future generations, Bridgestone Americas, Inc. today launched four weeks of ads that highlight the company's commitment to sustainable business practices. The first ad presents the successes of the company in terms of the significant reduction of waste sent to landfill in its manufacturing tires throughout North America.

Today, the Company announced that two of its nine manufacturing tires in North America had managed to eliminate the implementation of waste discharge. The process aimed at eliminating shipments to landfills began with significant reductions of waste. It continued in 2006 when the company decided to also seek other uses for the remaining materials destined for landfill, which has been done by considering flows as waste precious resources, rather than waste destined for landfill. The plant Aiken, South Carolina, was the first to eliminate sending waste to landfill, in December 2012, while the plant Wilson, North Carolina, did the same in early 2013.

"Our teams plants Aiken and Wilson have worked very hard and are very proud to be the first to eliminate sending waste to landfill. They know that other factories follow pres, "said Barry says Owens, Vice President, Bridgestone Americas Manufacturing Group. "We are pleased to see significant changes when there is a healthy competition between our facilities. When it comes to recycling at Bridgestone, the race is on. "

Innovation is the key element of the success of Bridgestone in the discovery of beneficial uses for waste previously used for the landfill. The elimination efforts waste to landfill includes waste from manufacturing processes including tires, rubber components and packaging, and accessories supporting processes such as offices and cafeterias. The waste from these facilities are sent at different steps of recovery, as the generation of energy and recycling into other products, including mulch.

Since the company began to focus on recycling in 2006, recycling in tire factories of the company was in Aiken South Carolina, a Bloomington, Illinois, Des Moines, Iowa, Joliette, Quebec, has LaVergne, Tennessee, a Monterrey, Mexico, Tennessee and Warren Wilson in North Carolina has increased by almost half of the waste going to landfill has less than 15 percent in today's together.

"The teammates throughout the enterprise are always looking for ways to improve our innovative processes and reduce our impact on the environment," said Tim Bent, Director of Environmental Affairs, Bridgestone Americas. "The significant reduction of waste we produce and send to landfill is an important step in our commitment to help preserve our environment for future generations. It is however expect our partners, our communities, and ultimately our customers. We are committed to exceed their expectations and ours. "

A team, a planet is important program for all environmental activities of Bridgestone Corporation. Bridgestone's environmental mission is to help ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations by focusing on the three main objectives of the company: to be in harmony with nature, develop natural resources and reduce emissions of CO2.

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