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Mercedes-Benz is launching its first Canadian Academy of conduct

As part of its ongoing efforts being made to help make Canadian roads safer for everyone, Mercedes-Benz Canada today announced the official launch of the Academy of Mercedes-Benz Driving for new drivers in Vancouver. This pioneering training program line is the first of its kind in Canada. It integrates the curriculum and best practices exclusively developed by other schools of Mercedes-Benz Driving around the world, as well as training methods that are tried and true relapses and specifically adapted to Canadian students.

The Academy Mercedes-Benz Driving for new drivers offer a full range of training programs to the conduct that go beyond the teaching of basic rules of the highway code and conduct basic techniques that novice drivers must master in order to obtain their license. Through a sophisticated combination of classroom, in practice sessions aboard the vehicle, as well as innovative online courses, new drivers will acquire many skills and key skills that are crucial to ride safely and pleasant.

The full and holistic approach adopted for the education and driver training focuses on a wide range of knowledge, skills, attitudes and risk factors to fully prepare students to deal with many situations they will face difficult driving. In addition to develop the essential skills to the command and mastery of a vehicle and to driving in traffic, the program of gradual issuance of driving licenses, offers a competitive price of $ 1,290 includes of specific active learning modules that emphasize the typical risk factors for novice drivers, including the way in which the personality and lifestyle of each can influence his conduct and personal safety.

The sole and exclusive online learning and assessment of personal risk modules included in the program will enable participants to develop an excellent understanding of the risks. This technologically advanced approach which integrates online learning is the first of its kind. In fact, the Academy of Mercedes-Benz Driving for new drivers is the only school to have received approval for a component of online training by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC).

In close collaboration with the World Team of the Academy of Conduct Mercedes-Benz in Germany, the new Academy Mercedes-Benz Driving for new drivers will be managed by the firm Driving Unlimited based in Vancouver, longstanding partner of Mercedes- Benz Canada. Driving Unlimited is well known clients across Canada to the extent that it also manages several other training programs to advance the conduct resounding success, including the Academy of Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy and the AMG Driving.

The team of experts includes some of the facilitators, trainers and driving instructors Advanced most qualified in the industry. These experienced professionals will ensure that each student has benefited the level of the highest possible training and experience of the height of the brand.

The walk from Vancouver was selected to launch this new comprehensive education and training program for drivers. The Academy Mercedes-Benz Driving for new drivers serve the entire region of the Lower Mainland, Abbotsford West Vancouver. Classroom courses will be offered in four Mercedes-Benz dealerships located in Vancouver (Boundary Road), in Surrey, in Richmond and North Vancouver. Of training sessions will also be held at the offices of the Academy of Mercedes-Benz Driving for new drivers has Pitt Meadows (BC).

"The skills required to simply get a license do not fully prepare young drivers face the difficulties of the road. Our methods of relapses and exclusive training have been developed based on the results of cutting-edge research in the project High Impact approach for Enhancing Road safety through More Effective communication Skills (HERMES), "stated Alexander J. Hobbach, Global Head of Academy Mercedes-Benz Driving. "Our techniques have proven to be extremely effective in other markets around the world, and we are pleased to work with the team of highly qualified professionals from Canada in order to establish the Academy driving Mercedes-Benz new drivers in Vancouver. "

"Safe drivers are responsible drivers, and sense of responsibility can be developed during the process of driver training if given the opportunity to the learner to make decisions, to recognize hazards and to identify its own goals, "said John Jacobsen, Director General of the Academy of Mercedes-Benz Driving for new drivers. "Our revolutionary approach to training immediately increases the sense of responsibility of the new driver when it is on board a vehicle, while our world-class instructors and shoots our quality assurance programs ensure that each student is able to become a safe and responsible driver. "

"For more than 125 years Mercedes-Benz is a reputed manufacturer for its constant innovation. The company has launched many sophisticated security systems and devices Advanced driving assistance that contributes to make our roads much safer, "stated Tim A. Reuss, president and general director of Mercedes-Benz Canada. "While these revolutionary security systems have considerably enhances the safety, the improvements are still possible and these systems can never completely replace proper training to the pipe. "

Reuss added: "We have come a long way, but in our society the hectic lifestyle, safe driving remains a very important competence. More than 90% of road accidents are caused by human error. This striking result highlights the critical rigorous training of new drivers like we need offer. We are extremely proud to offer this revolutionary approach to education and training of drivers in Vancouver, and we are confident that it will contribute greatly to prepare new drivers to cope with the many difficulties they encounter when we seek to realize our ultimate goal of accident-free driving vision. "

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