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The astute Motorist

Mass distribution in Quebec of a new book motorist

Motorists now have a new tool, the astute motorist, telling them practical ways to reduce their fuel consumption, improve energy efficiency in displacements and by the same token, reduce their GHG emissions. Assembled by the Quebec Association against air pollution (AQLPA) and its partners, the tool has been in decline leaflet, which will be massively distributed in the province today, and on the web at www.autoastuce. org.

The Motorist clever aims to assist motorists in adopting new habits. "Simple behavioral changes help drive more kilometers with a full meme! We offer practical and effective steps to reduce the fuel and GHG emissions and other pollutants consumption. For example, a well-maintained system with a functional vehicle pollution, can reduce at least 15% fuel consumption. Another way to be more efficient and clever, is moderately rolling at a constant speed. Above 90 km / h, each additional 10 km / h increases fuel consumption by 10%, "says Andre Belisle, president of AQLPA.

Useful calculators

The leaflet, distributed in 650,000 households in the province by the network Publisac contains a summary of the platform to measure, compare and change their habits on the transport. In addition to present several recommendations and concrete actions to reduce fuel consumption while extending the life span of a vehicle, the motorist has a nifty calculator to monitor its consumption statistics and to compare the means of the results community. The tool aims to measure the real impact of the changes, either mechanical or order in driving habits on fuel consumption. In the section "Choosing a vehicle" of the website, the astute Motorist present another computer to quickly compare consumption, the annual cost of fuel and the CO2 emissions of several vehicles.

A fleet growth

Our fleet is believed lightning speed, freeing a huge share of atmospheric contaminants harmful to our health. Indeed, over the last 50 years, the population of Quebec was then twice that during this time, the number of vehicles has been multiplied by 11. Road transport is responsible for 33% of gas emissions greenhouse Quebec and emissions of this sector have increased by 35% between 1990 and 2010 (quebecois Inventory gas emissions greenhouse in 2010 and changes since 1990. Policy Directorate of the quality of the atmosphere, MDDEFP, February 2013 .

It is alarming that this motivates AQLPA with the help of quebecois Action Fund Sustainable Development (FAQDD) and its financial partner, the Government of Quebec through its Climate Action-program, the Office the efficiency and ENERGY Innovation Ministry of Natural Resources of Quebec and the Ministry of Transportation of Quebec, to produce Motorist clever. In addition to having a direct and tangible impact on our environment, our choices have huge impacts on our health and the economy.

Lead partner, the quebecois Action Fund for Sustainable Development is proud to support this new reference that represents Motorist clever. "In the automobile dependent in everyday life, Quebecois invest a significant portion of their annual budget in their movements and contribute to one of the major sources of GHG emissions in the province. For those who can not make other choices as automotive, and the guide realized by deploye AQLPA offer tips PERSONALIZED concretely stimulating behavioral changes to improve the efficiency of the use of the automobile. For the Fund, the quality and number of partners in the automotive confirming their support for the project demonstrate a shared commitment to contribute to these changes, "says Veronique Jampierre, general manager of the Fund.

The Motorist clever is actually the second realization AQLPA in this area. Already in 2004, the Association had produced and broadcast its "Book of the motorist," which also won a Phenix environment in 2006. Cuvee new, revised and updated, this includes both a component interactive website that will ensure a wider dissemination and measurement location motivating. Most partners in the first edition, including CAA-Quebec, Canadian Tire and the Association of Automotive Industries of Canada, have renewed their support in 2013.

Motorists who have not received the leaflet Motorist clever can obtain these from AQLPA or enter all the tips and tools on site.


AQLPA, founded in 1982, is one of the oldest environmental groups in Quebec. Its mission is to contribute to the protection of the air and atmosphere, has both human health and ecosystems, through the awareness, education and targeted actions. AQLPA is also the manager of The Air!, A recycling program of old vehicles has resulted in the removal of more than 45,000 "clunkers" with the aim to reduce air pollution from quebecois fleet and to promote public and active transport.

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