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A vehicle on a two forbidden Paris

This morning, the French government has banned half of the Parisian population the right to use motor vehicles (cars, motorcycles and scooters), in an effort to combat smog that hit the city in recent days. The combination of hot days and cold nights traps pollution above the quote. According IQAP (Quality Index Air de Paris), the city reached levels almost equivalent pollution in Beijing, one of the most polluted cities in the world ...

For 5 h 30 local time, only vehicles with a license plate ending in an odd number were on the roads of the French capital. Hybrid and electric vehicles, however, have been exempted, as used cars for carpooling. By cons, all trucks were banned from the quote. This exceptional law should be applied for an indefinite period.

This has been successful, since traffic has declined by 60% in Paris. Smog is also descended to more acceptable levels, which convinced the government to lift the ban after only one day. Parisian police distributed 3,859 statements of offense, garnering nearly 85,000 euros in fines.

Paris is not the first city to adopt such a system to reduce congestion (and pollution) in major cities. Beijing used since 2007, as well as several cities in South America. Rome also implements such a law in 90 years. Nevertheless, the earth, the situation has only worsened. Indeed, the majority of people are eager to buy a second car, and alternating between two older vehicles (and more polluting) each day.

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