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The Minivan of the industry contributes to the economy

The Association of RV dealers Canada (RVDA) publishes an innovative study, presenting the economic impact of the recreational vehicle (RV) industry in Canada.

The study, conducted by Harris / Decima, has demonstrated that in 2011 the total economic activity related to the recreational vehicle industry in Canada has reached $ 14.5 billion.

"This finding is significant and demonstrates that not only RV travel is an exceptional way, accessible, convenient and easy to travel, but also has a considerable impact on the Canadian economy," said Ian says Moore, president of the consulting administration, RVDA of Canada. "In direct and indirect way, this impact is multifaceted and includes the production of VR, purchase and maintenance of RV dealerships RV, the expenses incurred for the maintenance and storage of VR and expenditure Personal users RV when traveling across Canada. "

To determine the level of economic activity supported by the RV industry in Canada, the impact of VR were divided into four distinct areas. The main findings are described below:

Retail sales and service RV

In total, sales and services in detail lies more than 400 dealerships recreational vehicles in Canada generates $ 1.5 billion in net economic activity (GDP) across Canada, and supported nearly 19,300 jobs equivalant to $ 775 million in wages and salaries (labor income).

Manufacturing VR

The total value of recreational vehicles manufactured in Canada in 2011 was 265 million, with $ 156 million from purchases made by Canadians and $ 109 million of exports to other countries. Alternatively, a total of $ 210 million in goods and services were imported to Canada as an element of economic activity bound to the manufacture of VR.

265 million invested in the manufacture of recreational vehicles have generates $ 512 million in gross production in Canada in 2011, which has supported nearly 2,400 jobs equivalant a total of $ 103 million in wages and salaries .

Expenditure related to non VR Voyage Related

Expenditures related to recreational vehicles not related to travel totaled $ 1.4 billion (excluding the repairs), generated $ 1.3 billion in net economic activity (GDP) across Canada and supported more than 12,200 jobs, equivalent to $ 727 million in wages and salaries.

Expenditure related to VR on tourism

It has been estimated that RV travelers spent a total of more than $ 7 billion in goods and services during their travels across Canada.

Expenditures on recreational vehicles helped generate nearly $ 5 billion in net economic activity (GDP) across Canada and supported $ 2.9 billion in wages and salaries (labor income) by 64,900 jobs.

The total economic activity bound to expenditure on tourism was 9.8 billion in 2011.

Overall, the direct expenses related to recreational vehicles reached 11.5 billion dollars. These expenditures generated $ 8 billion in net economic activity (GDP) and have created 98,800 jobs. In addition, the RV industry in Canada contributes significantly to tax revenue with taxes supported by the relevant industry $ 3.3 billion in taxes on products, taxes on production and income taxes.

"The RV industry continues to be a way of life fast and favorable growth for Canadian families," said Mr. Moore. "The RV travel really suited to each; people of all ages, all types of families and budgets can enjoy the benefits of traveling by recreational vehicle and we are seeing a record number of Canadian families are discovering the fun and flexibility provided by the RV lifestyle. "

"The RVDA of Canada is excited to continue working with the government and key stakeholders to ensure that proactive measures are taken to develop policies that support all of the travel and tourism industry and to recognize RV travel as a thriving tourism activity, "said Mr. Moore.

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Association of recreational vehicle dealers (RVDA) of Canada is a national federation of provincial and regional RVDA associations and its members constituted of volunteers who have come together to form a professional trade association of companies industry recreational vehicles.

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