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111 years of history of the GMC pickup truck

The all-new full-size pickup GMC Sierra 2014 is the latest in an ancient line of more than a century. The first truck display the emblem GMC is launching in 1912, while its predecessor from the Rapid Motor Vehicle Co. Max Grabowsky, was the first commercial truck operates in the city of Detroit 10 years ago.

Here is a list of highlights for each decade, accompanied by photographs.

1900: The first truck Rapid - with just a seat, engine and chassis - is launched in 1902.

1910 GMC name appears on the grille of a truck for the first time in 1912 The choice of models is offered offered a front vertical or curved..

1920: The year 1927 marks a milestone in the design: the most elegant wings, fixed headlights and radiator first trim chrome radiator.

1930: The year 30 marks the beginning of the sloping grille, color choices more generous and more sophisticated interiors ... short of the elements that enhance the work of the truck at the time.

1940: After the war, GMC trucks from the late 40s are characterized by integrated headlights, a first in the industry, as well as avant-garde grilles, wider and lower.

1950: Once again, cars influence the design of the truck, causing the production of safer, more comfortable and more efficient vehicles. In 1955, the headlights are coated with a hat and panoramic lenses.

1960: The first GMC pickup truck adopts a full width cover is launched in 1960 The vehicle features other trends of the era, including a spindle grille in the front and narrowed lateral body shapes..

1970: In 70 years, the padded materials are replaced by metal interior surfaces. The heavy duty models feature a double rear axle, and a Crew Cab model is launched.

1980: In 1987, the name Sierra becomes the standard for full-size pick-up with the launch of a new generation of GMC trucks more aerodynamic.

1990: The year 90 marks the first appearance of the extended cab model has three doors with hinges back. In 1999, the new generation of truck launches first use of hydroforming.

2000: The new millennium marked the beginning of the era D: the first Duramax Diesel Sierra HD adds more capacity, and the first pick-up Denali establishes a standard pick-up luxury.

The new Sierra 2012% 2014 launch on December 13.

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