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Mercedes-Benz Canada is seeking ambassadors

To mark the arrival of the B-Class next generation 2013 Mercedes-Benz dealerships throughout the country has, Mercedes-Benz has recently announced the implementation of an exciting initiative to find ambassadors of the brand that really personify the essence of this new model elegant and versatile. The selected winners will receive a privileged access to events of Mercedes-Benz and exclusive hire of one year of a new Mercedes-Benz B 250.

The process of national research will focus on four pillars of lifestyle associated to Class B: the taste of being seen, the taste of adventure, the taste of spontaneity and the taste of the game participants who believe they have one or more of these personality traits cles are invited to apply for a chance to celebrate their active lifestyle and urban through the intermediary of social networks and events as representatives of the pillar they embody the better.

Those interested in participating in the contest can visit www.mb-TheFace.comet fill in the form to enter the contest online. In addition to selecting the principles they represent the best entrants must provide address and Tumblr are encouraged to submit a list of social media sites on which they are currently active.

All entries must be completed and received no later than February 15, 2013. Each submission will be evaluated according to its relevance to the brand image of the B-Class, social and scope of their compliance to the one of the four personality traits. For each of the four pillars of lifestyle, five finalists will be selected from all entries received, and from that time the in the interactive competition, the public will be encouraged to contribute to select the winners by voting for their favorite personalities.

"The sublime design of the Class B, its spacious interior and refined, powerful and fuel efficient engine, and its sophisticated safety features and exceptional for this category are combined into a high dynamic range and unmatched sports routiere. This vehicle extremely attractive appeal undoubtedly has a wide variety of buyers, but its attributes cles specially to suit any active lifestyle of urban youth, "stated Tim A. Reuss, president and general manager of Mercedes-Benz Canada. "We are excited to launch the competition represent the multidimensional B. Our research will help us to establish contact with many new buyers and bring them closer to the brand new and unique way, just by demonstrating the many ways in which the versatile Class B fits a lifestyle and unrestrained while showing that it is the ideal car to respond to a variety of needs. "

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