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Chrysler Canada sales have climbed five per cent in November

Chrysler Canada announced Monday that it sold more vehicles in November than the same month last year, among others thanks to an increase in auto sales.

The American automaker has indicated that this increase had allowed him to continue the longest period of growth in its history with 36 consecutive monthly increases compared to the previous year.

According to Chrysler, it is also the best start of year 11 months since 2000.

The company sold 17,013 vehicles in the country last month, up five percent compared to November 2011, when the company had elapsed 16244.

Sales of Chrysler cars increased to 2,802 for the month, up from the car in 1909 having found a buyer in November 2011. The total number of trucks sold slightly declined from 14,335 to 14,211 last year, last month.

Rating of Volkswagen Canada, the company announced a new sales record, while the company Running 4659 cars and vans in November, an increase of 16 percent compared to last year.

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