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The choice of winter tires: good practices CAA-Quebec


The choice of winter tires: good practices CAA-Quebec picture #1

Laying winter tires: CAA-Quebec speaks of vigilance

With the variety of winter tires on the market, consumers are spoiled for choice. But they make the best choice fits their vehicle and road conditions they encounter most often, CAA-Quebec presents some good practices.

The palmares, price and lesser known brands

The "palmares of best buys" allow to differentiate products based on several criteria, including the tread design, the materials used, the general road behavior and price. But a more expensive tire or better rating is not necessarily adapted to all vehicles or all driving conditions. In addition, attention must be paid to the tires of lesser known brands often work best, especially from Asian countries. Without being of poor quality, they sometimes have little yet tried and true performance. The after-sales service could also prove to be more complex. When in doubt, always check with a expert quality tires and their compatibility with the vehicle.

Four identical tires

It goes without saying that a vehicle must be equipped with four identical tires. Ideally, they must also present a generally equal wear. If this is not the case, and contrary to popular belief about the vehicle has front wheel drive, both tires in better condition must be found at the back to ensure stability, as in the case of a vehicle propulsion.

When installing tires?

As soon as the temperature drops at night under the freezing point! At this point in the fall, even if the mercury is above 0 ° C during the day, we should not fear a premature wear. In addition, winter tires are more Report Finds all-season tires to cope with black ice, as they gradually lose their elasticity and therefore their adherence to the temperature drops to 7 ° C or less. Finally, even if the obligation to equip a vehicle with winter tires is that from the effective December 15, CAA-Quebec insists on the importance of making an appointment for installation of now to s' sure you have the right tires for the right season.

Change the diameter of the tire: beware!

Several motorists have the reflex to choose the tires of a lower diameter has the original tires in order to have access to a greater choice and, in some cases, pay less. Without being totally against-dieters, this decision should at the very least be validated by an expert in order to avoid unpleasant surprises, especially if the vehicle is recent. For example, the parameters of the onboard computer could be altered and thus impair the functioning of antilock brakes. Or, the speedometer could be wrong because of the smaller diameter of the wheel.

To pose oneself: caution

Does not apply sufficient force on the nuts or bolts may cause a loss of wheel and cause an accident with unfortunate consequences. Using a torque wrench, a specialized tool that provides the voltage recommended by the manufacturer, will minimize the risk of many.

Get new tires with the purchase of a new vehicle

In the process of buying or leasing a new car, we often forget that it is possible to include a set of winter tires in the transaction. It is still necessary that the driver ensures that these tires offered by the dealer MEET THE road conditions it encounters most often when traveling, such as heavy snow or icy roads. In short, everything is negotiated, the same type of tires included in the transaction.

Pares the Automotive Advisory Services

Each year, the Automotive Advisory Services CAA-Quebec are responding to tens of thousands of requests from members and those advising on the purchase of winter tires are numerous. CAA-Quebec who wish can now communicate with specialists consulting services. One call to get advice. The public can also view the aide-memoire online in the Automobile section

CAA-Quebec, an organization non-profit founded in 1904, it offers its 1.1 million members services and privileges in the fields of automotive, travel, residential and financial services.

The choice of winter tires: good practices CAA-Quebec picture #2

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