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Toyota recalling 2.77 million vehicles for steering problem

The automaker Toyota SHALL another large global recall, this time from 2.77 million vehicles due to a problem with the direction and another water pump.

However, these problems did not cause any traffic accident so far, according to Toyota.

The steering shaft problem may cause a malfunction of the steering wheel. It causes the recall of 1.51 million cars in Japan and 1.25 million others around the world, including 670,000 in the United States. The number of affected vehicles in Canada is not yet known.

The key models in North America are the hybrid Prius and Corolla, 2000s to 2009.

Of these vehicles, some also experience trouble water pump. Cars affected by this recall were separate assemblies between 2003 and 2011.

In recent years, Toyota has been affected by a multitude of reminders. About 14 million owners of cars manufactured by the Japanese manufacturer had at least one.

Last month, 7,430,000 vehicles of the Toyota back to the garage due to a problem circuit leve ice maker which could cause fire.

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