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Hyundai Auto Canada Launches "Young Hopefuls Hyundai Hockey" program

- It aims to help young people play hockey -

Hyundai Canada and Hyundai dealers are associated KidSport Canada and defender PK Subban of the Montreal Canadiens and his family to help disadvantaged young people to play hockey.

Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.. is pleased to announce the launch of the Young Hopefuls Hyundai Hockey, a new program designed to give back to communities across the country and thereby improve the lives of at least 1,000 young Canadians, including 265 Quebecois, disadvantaged in their to play organized hockey. Together with KidSport Canada, a nonprofit providing financial support for young adults 18 and under body, the program will provide grants to cover tuition fees and the cost of the equipment and thus remove financial barriers preventing young to play a sport organized.

In order to increase the notoriety, the Young Hopefuls Hyundai Hockey program teamed with ambassadors possessing a personal connection with the cause. The Subban family - the father Karl Subban and two of his boys, PK Subban, star player Montreal Canadiens and Malcolm Subban, the last prime repechage Boston Bruins - has chosen to give back to the next generation to help youth to play hockey.

"The Hopes of Hyundai Hockey Youth program is actually an extension of our own commitment to improve the lives of all our customers," said Steve Kelleher, president and chief executive officer of Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.. "At Hyundai, we believe that every child should have access to social learning, academic and developmental provides that the participation in a community organized sports such as hockey. This program will not only disadvantaged young Canadians play hockey, but he will also help to be healthier, to have more confidence in their abilities and become more resilient individuals. After having myself played hockey during my childhood, I can say that this experience has had a major impact on my personal development and I foresee the day when every child who wishes to play hockey can have the opportunity as was the case for me. "

Unfortunately, many young people are not so lucky. In fact, professional players like PK Subban and Malcolm have had difficulty to play hockey in their childhood because of the high costs of registration and equipment. Karl had to hold multiple jobs and spend several evenings with his boys so they can hone their skills in public hockey arenas of downtown Toronto.

"We have benefited from the support of our community to enable a growing our children to live their dream of playing hockey, and it makes us enormously pleased to give back and share our experience," said Karl Subban, now director of a secondary school in Toronto. "With a decline of sports activities in school, the need is greater than ever to enable more young people to participate in organized sports. In this regard, we wish to spread the message that better youth make better communities. "

PK Subban shares the same feelings that her father. "I would like there was a program like the Young Hopefuls Hyundai Hockey when we were young. It is a type of program that would have certainly been beneficial. My father always told us that the sacrifices and efforts make us better. This constant positive reinforcement made from my brothers and myself players that we have become today, and we look forward to convey the message to those who wish to follow our steps. "

Together with KidSport, the Young Hopefuls Hyundai Hockey program has already helped 1,000 young people today, 265 Quebecois, to play hockey by eliminating the financial barriers.

"At KidSport, we believe that no child should stay on the side lines and that everyone should have the opportunity to live and experience the positive benefits of organized sports," says Dawn MacDonald, director of KidSport / KidSport. "We are delighted to work with Hyundai to share our vision of helping disadvantaged young people."

Administrative costs of the program and the financial assistance of the first recipients of the Young Hopefuls program Hyundai Hockey are paid by the contributions of all 205 Hyundai dealers, including 60 in Quebec, and Hyundai Auto Canada Corp.. Thus, 100% of all additional donations from the public will be devoted to the program in whole and pour a KidSport directly so that more young people can play hockey.

In this regard, in October represents the month Young Hopefuls Hyundai Hockey Canada, in which the participants Hyundai dealers across the country launch fundraising campaigns to help young people in their community to play hockey. In addition, the program ambassadors visit aboard vehicles identified in the program more than 90 hockey arenas from coast to another to raise donations and join families inviting them to get involved at the local level .

To learn more about the Young Hopefuls Hyundai Hockey program, to see how you can make a difference and to submit an application for assistance, visit

About KidSport

The KidSport / KidSport organization was founded in 1993 in response to a need identified by community leaders in matters of sport. They found that too many young people remained on the side lines because of financial barriers. Since its foundation, the presence of KidSport across Canada has continuously expanded steadily with over 170 local chapters in 11 provinces and territories.

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