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GM responds to Reuters on the cost of production of the Volt

Very recently, the news agency Reuters announced that General Motors lost up to $ 49,000 for each Chevy Volt sold. It is estimated that production costs for each car would be at about $ 88,000, while each Volt sold from $ 39,995, with our American neighbors.

The agency then made reference to a-conducted study by the Munro & Associates, which stated the losses incurred by GM on the sale of its electric sedan autonomy prolonged.

The response of GM

The estimate of Reuters as a loss per vehicle for each Volt sold is seriously erroneous, in part because journalists have left the cost of product design on the number of Volts sold and not on the volume of sales during the life cycle model, in accordance with the reality of the industry. Reuters figures lose a little more sense with every Volt sold.

In addition, our basic research in matters of elements Battery, Battery Packs, orders, electric motors and brake systems for recovery have repercussions on many current and future products and to allocate costs design on a much higher number of vehicles and reduce the cost of manufacturing and purchasing, which will ultimately ensure the profitability of the Volt electric vehicle and any in the future.

Each GM investment in technology is designed to benefit our customers, to meet future industry standards and increase our net income. The Volt is no exception, even if it takes longer to become profitable.  

Finally, GM is a the forefront of automotive electrification, as we develop innovative technologies and draw an enthusiastic clientele - and growing - for vehicles like the Volt.  

GM responds to Reuters on the cost of production of the Volt picture #1

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