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Toyota Prius battery: for sale across Canada from $ 35,700

The Japanese manufacturer is by far the one who sells the most hybrid vehicles around the world. Today, all manufacturers are said to develop a rechargeable versions of their hybrid vehicles and Toyota really wanted to be ahead, with this Chapter by any other manufacturer.

That is why, it has just announced that its plug-in hybrid Prius is now available in Canada.

Currently, only the hatchback Prius 3rd generation benefited from this new approach.

For more information, here is the statement issued by Toyota:


The new Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid 2012: the newest member of the famous and recognized Prius family is now on sale across Canada

• MSRP starting the lowest for a plug-in hybrid: $ 35,700 (before incentives provincial governments)

• 6th in hybrid Toyota Park

• On sale at Toyota dealers across Canada

Tune into the most famous and recognized in Canada hybrid family, thanks to the most recent Prius boasts an extended life: the 2012 Prius Plug-In Hybrid On sale at Canadian Toyota dealerships starting price of suggested. only $ 35,700, the Prius the lowest among all plug-in hybrid MSRP country. In addition, it offers an impressive set of standard features, ranging from equipment for comfort, convenience and safety to the advanced and intuitive technologies that will assuredly delight drivers looking for a car intermediate tourism. If we add to this the government incentives applicable in some provinces (credit of up to $ 5,092), it becomes obvious that the Prius Plug-in Hybrid provides assurance and value unsurpassed.

"A record number of Canadians continue to choose Toyota hybrids, because they trust him. They know that the experience of Toyota - which dates back to the sale of the first Prius in 2000 - helped create the industry's most versatile and innovative vehicles in the world, composed of cars with low emission, high efficiency and advanced technology "stated Tony Wearing, Senior Managing Director at Toyota Canada Inc." We welcome a present the first plug-in vehicle (sixth hybrid) in the Toyota brand. The 2012 Prius Plug-In Hybrid displays not only the MSRP of the lowest of all vehicles of this kind in Canada departure, but it also provides ample space for passengers and their equipment, the fastest recharge all plug-vehicles currently on the market, energy efficiency and an impressive all-electric mode, in addition to receiving assurance the tried Toyota full hybrid system, which can carry Canadians wherever they wish. "

No plug-in hybrid vehicle does not inspire much confidence as the Prius. And this is because the plug-in hybrid Prius and Hybrid Synergy third generation (already powering more than four million vehicles on the planet) have been rigorous tested in Canada. Indeed, for more than two years of testing real driving situation were conducted as part of a comprehensive testing program. The feedback thus obtained helps engineers optimize the Toyota driving experience of the owners of plug-in hybrid Prius.

The car can accommodate five adults and has a load capacity up to 446 liters. Endowed with a battery pack to the powerful but lightweight lithium-ion battery, the Prius Plug-In Hybrid is ready to hit the road. It recharges fully in 90 minutes when it is plugged into a 220 V or dedicated in three hours when we use a plug 15 A 110 V DEDICATED. In addition, it automatically switches to full hybrid gasoline-electricity system once it has exhausted its electrical load. So, you will always arrive a destination without having to worry you.

Travel is more affordable than ever with the plug-in hybrid Prius, thanks to its impressive fuel efficiency of only 2,0 / 100 km † (city / highway / combined) that can be enjoyed in all electric mode (EV). And as the car offers an all electric range of up to 25 km in the city, Canadian drivers can make their common urban displacements without using a single drop of gasoline. In addition, the plug-in Prius can run up to 100 km / h in EV mode.

The car also receives serial features an impressive list of comfort, convenience and style, including: air conditioning system has teleco

mmande with automatic control of temperature, heated seats front, a display audio system with navigation and alloy wheels exclusive aluminum. The optional Technology Package enhances the Prius plug-in hybrid using equipment such as a radar cruise control and LED lights has a automatic upgrade. In addition, the car benefited from Toyota's commitment to the safety thanks to its many features of active and passive safety features, including the Star Safety System and seven airbags.

On sale right now at Toyota Dealers across Canada, the Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid 2012 offers the future of the automobile.

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