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Volkswagen would be interested in buying Lotus

Even though the German giant will pay on August 1, a sum exceeding 4 billion euros to acquire the prestigious Porsche, Volkswagen would here also interested in acquiring the small British firm Lotus, which is indebted to neck.

For Volkswagen, it would purchase a 11 acquisition.

In part or in whole

The question that arises is not whether, if the German is appropriate or not the manufacturer Lotus, but rather whether this acquisition will be partially or in whole.

Obviously, we are talking about a redemption which would be much less expensive than is that of Porsche.

At this time, the Malaysian manufacturer Proton, which owns Lotus.

Very recently, the direction of the Mondial de l'Automobile in Paris announced the absence of the British manufacturer.

Personally, I would not be at all surprised to see Volkswagen take the totality of Lotus and into the capital of Proton. A move that would allow him to broaden his horizons in the Asian emerging markets.

Recall that Volkswagen is currently the second largest manufacturer in the world and we always aim at head position by 2016.

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