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Fashion and car boot rhymes with car

An analyst footwear design explores the common "language" to shoes and cars

Collections of shoes for this spring are strongly inspired by the fascination exerted by the Hot Wheels 50 years. Brimming with charm and status symbol for men as for women, the legendary Bel Air chrome used for any Chevrolet inspires collections summer clothes and shoes in Italy and in other countries. 

Even the categories of shoes that are not fashionable, but are practical, are inspired by automotive technologies. After years of study of the relationship of people with shoes, Andrea Silvuni, Italian writer and analyst design shoes, think shoes and cars say a lot about the people who possess them.

"In the same way that the Chevrolet Bel Air revealed an image of luxury, power and success, flaunt your Italian designer shoes reveals your inner power and opens a window to the other on your personality, declared Silvuni. Whatever type of shoe, there is always a reason behind the choice and the manner in which they convey our image and state of mind. "

Each shoe and car can open a window on the secrets of our personality. The choice of color, style and other design details can speak volumes about a person.

Urban cars like the Chevrolet Spark has inspired flip flops open toe motorcycles; the driver is a nonconformist person open to new experiences and adventures.

We find yourself obvious similarities between pumps and small car Chevrolet - Sonic - particularly with its imposing front, side panels and its compact profile elance it a resounding success in many markets in Europe, the United States and the Far East.

Like cars, shoes share a design language that conveys the facets of a personality continues Silvuni. Lines sloping roof, the concave profile of a Chevrolet Cruze and a heel plant compensates well create the same way an idea of ​​tart. "

With the explosion of muscle crossover vehicles and versatile, designers have adopted an original look with a roof and a fluid surbaisse median portion incorporating an inspiring interior of sportswear to meet the exact demands of the holders of any sport athletic shoes and families on the lookout for adventure.

Chevrolet and Andrea have Silvuni mapping the design language of the car models and types of shoes that give an idea of ​​the personality and characteristics of a person:

Shoe Type: Sandals

Open posture, accentuated by solid and devoid net ratings moldings.

Car: urban car Chevrolet Spark

Mark owner: Relax, open and non-conformist. Challenges the conventions and open (e) to new experiences. Without being ever on the day he or she considers that all experiences are fun and functional.

Shoe Type: Dance Shoes / Pumps

Aggressive front, lateral panels and compact profile RAISED

Car: Chevrolet Sonic

Mark owner: Comfortable whatever the environment, reliable and gentle person who is also charitable and considerate. Preferred lifestyle without complications.

Shoe Type: Wedges / platforms

Concave profile, door-a short overhang at the rear with a dynamic posture

Car: Chevrolet Cruze

Mark owner: Person stylee and decisive with logical solutions to any problem. Frank and direct relations; he or she attaches the value reliability and trust. A social butterfly.

Shoe Type: Brogue Shoes

Expressive design with an imposing and athletic posture

Car: Chevrolet Malibu

Mark owner: Conservative, reliable, confident and incredibly calm under pressure. An ambitious person, and intelligent stylee. As sophisticated and attentive to details, with an air of success.

Shoe Type: athletic shoes all sports

Athletic posture shapely with angular shapes with emphasis on sporting intentions with a refined profile elance

Car: Chevrolet Equinox

Mark owner: Athletic, quick and decisive leader attentive to land on his feet. Mene has its spots and draws a sense of power.

Shoe Type: Shoes has very high stiletto heel

V nose surbaisse imposing posture and ready to pounce

Car: Chevrolet Corvette or Camaro

Mark owner: Sexy, confident with a wild side. He or she knows how far charm can lead.

"By going deeper into the anatomy of shoes and cars, we can find many technical similarities, says Silvuni. Automotive technological advances and the tires have inspired designers of shoes develop rubber soles that prevent you from slipping on wet sidewalks and water-repellent coatings that can be found in the materials of the seat. "

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