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Launch of the social entrepreneurship program to make mobility accessible to all

Renault MOBILIZ, the first initiative of "social business" of an automobile manufacturer on mobility in France, was unveiled officially July 11, 2012, by President Carlos Ghosn.Elle aims to restore autonomy to low-income persons . The inability to move, to acquire or maintain a vehicle is one of the factors of exclusion for the 8 million people living below the poverty line in France. Renault MOBILIZ to decline by 3 major components: concrete solutions service mobility, the Creatinga investment company to fund mobility projects, a partnership with the Chair Social Business "Business & Poverty" HEC Paris. This program is in the genes and the history of Renault, whose ambition is to achieve sustainable mobility for all.

Priority of social responsibility Renault, sustainable mobility is both essential to economic development and creator of the social bond. If access to mobility is a evasion and leisure vector, it also helps to fight against exclusion and poverty. Mobility represents the 4th brake job after housing, health and education. In this context, faithful to its commitment to mobility accessible to all, the Renault Group launches its social entrepreneurship program in cooperation with partners in the voluntary sector, the academic world and public actors.

Destine first time in a french territory, Renault MOBILIZ has the following objectives:

1.1) Support new developpementde mobility platforms operated by the association Voiture & co: the beneficiaries of these services benefit from a diagnosis of their needs for mobility and a range of solutions adapted to each case (car, public transport micro-collective, rental vehicles at 5 € / day, support the passage of the driving license ...). Since 2007, 7 platforms mobility Car & co have allowed 52% of people supported by these platforms to find a job.

1.2) Provide rates auto repair adapted to low-income persons in garages Renault volunteers (agents, dealers), called "Renault Garages solidarity." The principle? Provide quality service and hospitality network to Renault customers beneficiaries duly identified by social services. This unique offer is due to the joint efforts of Renault and Renault garages participants.

2) Funding associations or companies who develop innovative mobility solutions for people in trouble, thanks lacreation an investment company, MOBILIZ Invest sas with an investment of € 5 million envelope its creation Renault, the company will be open to outside investors based on identified synergies. Following the principle of social business which aims maximizing the social impact, prospective profits will be reinvested in other projects for mobility and solidarity will not give rise to payment of dividends.

3) Promote knowledge sharing and exchange around social business projects, with civil society, governments and other committed companies in this gait thanks to the entry of Renault as 3rd Chair partner Social Business "Business & Poverty" HEC Paris (after Danone and Schneider Electric). This partnership will also benefit from the advice of qualified personalities such as Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace in 2006 for micro-credit, and Martin Hirsch, President of the Agency of Civic Service and former High Commissioner for Active Solidarity.

In recent years, there has been a rapprochement between private enterprises and civil society, whether associations, NGOs or local or regional communities. For Renault, it takes the form of co-creation with associations? Uvrent for sustainable mobility, as Voiture & co, and an academic partnership with the Social Chair Business "Business and Poverty" HEC Paris. "Since 2010, we have been working on this program to share a new vision of the role of the company with all our stakeholders. We appreciate their motivation and mobilization around this meaningful project, "concludes Claire Martin, Director of Social Responsibility Renault and General Manager of MOBILIZ Invest sas

Renault intends MOBILIZ answer was an unmet need - and yet very real - with an economic model fits the purchasing power of the population living below the poverty line in France. "The goal of Renault MOBILIZ is to give people with the means precariousness of their autonomy to become actors in their reintegration. For Renault, this program will strengthen its local presence and open the way to new solutions for mobility, economes and innovative, "concluded Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Renault and President of Invest sas MOBILIZ

Source: Renault

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