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Driver fatigue: the first campaign

The third cause of death on our roads.

Transport Minister and member for Chateauguay, Pierre Moreau, accompanied by the chairwoman and CEO of the Society of Auto Insurance Quebec, Nathalie Tremblay, today presents the first campaign of public the Society of Auto Insurance Quebec on driver fatigue. The campaign aims to educate all drivers quebecois the dangers and consequences of driver fatigue, which is the third cause of death on the roads of Quebec.

Not realy a cause of accident

Each year on average, 116 people die and 9,410 are wounded in an accident binds to fatigue. As the consumption of alcohol, fatigue accumulation decreases concentration, judgment and reflexes, so the ability to drive. The problem of fatigue is underestimated among drivers, despite the seriousness of the consequences that may result. The minister also encourages drivers to monitor their state of fatigue "As drivers, you must first respect your limits. On the road, be alert to signs of fatigue and you do not hesitate to stop in a safe place, such as a service area for relaxing. "

First campaign in Quebec

This summer, the Company wishes to get drivers to consider their state of tiredness before hitting the road, and also when driving. To do this, it will lead an extensive advertising campaign on the subject of 9 July to 19 August 2012. This will include a French televised broadcast messages also on the Web, a radio message Francophone and Anglophone signs in restaurants situated to roadside giants and panels on the main roads. The summer period was targeted for this campaign because it is conducive to long displacements which result in fatigue among drivers. Also televise the post presents a kind of own accident fatigue: a single driver driving his car at night, literally knocking nails, but neglected to stop to rest.

This campaign is in addition to other actions which have been posed the Company, in collaboration with its partners in matters of driver fatigue. For several years, she leads various research, participated in pilot projects and working groups and as many stakeholders in road safety is driver fatigue.

"It takes time to evolve behaviors, but I am sure with the help of our many partners, we will succeed in changing perceptions and attitudes of drivers," the Minister concluded.

For more information on driver fatigue and to see or hear the messages, visit / fatigue.

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