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Cadillac SRX: ready to take

The system management utility room offers a unique storage solution.

We are at the dawn of the season getaway car, which means that millions of drivers will soon the road with their loads of luggage. The Cadillac SRX Crossover offers a system management utility and particularly single convenient for long weekends and holiday road space.

"We have long Ponder on the type of items that customers would bring in their Cadillac SRX and where they want to store them," explains Elizabeth Pilibosian, ingenieure Chief SRX. "The philosophy was not only to maximize the total space, but that everything has a place. It makes all the difference on long trips. "

The system management utility space called a rail exclusive U has its category, adopts an adjustable barrier to partition space in order to store items of various sizes and restrict their movement when the vehicle rolls . This barrier is robust, but also easy to move around the U-rail so as to adjust to different positions to accommodate items of all kinds and different provisions of storage.

Also, you can remove the retract and secure under the cargo floor when not used. Cargo net, a trunk organizer or partition can be used in place of the tubular barrier. In addition, four steel buckles across the chest offer convenient attachment points for bungee cords or nets a driver could be installed in the vehicle.

And a screen luggage cover has two positions can also be used to conceal the trunk back once the tailgate closes.

There are also several storage spaces in the cabin of the SRX. Each door is equipped with upper and lower trays, like the glove box that can even contain fruit and drinks when the air conditioning is on. The center console, as it has offers a higher level for storing small items such as an MP3 player or cell phone and a second level intended for larger items.

As the console, cup holders also have two levels, that is to say, a retractable bottom to accommodate a small coffee or a large coffee with milk at the touch of a button. The false bottom also creates a cache compartment can accommodate a wallet or a wristwatch.

Then the tiny compartment intended expressly to accommodate a cell phone in front cupholders SRX.

When you open the tailgate programmable electrical controls SRX, you will find 839 liters (29.6 cubic feet) of storage space behind the second row of seats, ample space for four suitcases skateboards, the equipment Sports and sundries. The rear seat 60/40 was flat, cargo space increases to 1,733 liters (61.2 cubic feet) and can accommodate a bicycle or a big stroller.

"We know that customers SRX are active people looking for meaningful experiences," according Pilibosian. "They expect a much fun during the trip once visited a destination, and the SRX is designed tailored to meet their needs and expectations. "

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