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Toyota Prius 3rd position of global sales

Today, the Toyota Prius is regarded as an icon of automotive history, and, at the same way as the Porsche, and many others ...

After having experienced ups and downs, sales of the most famous hybrid car in the world today are among the highest across the planet.

In recent years, the Japanese have become the most faithful of hybrid technology clients. It also notes that North Americans are discovering the benefits of finally ending up at the wheel of a hybrid vehicle and the Europeans are still dragging their feet facing hybridization.

At present, Toyota offers three versions of its popular Prius:

-    Prius (hatchback version of the five-door);

Prius V (crossover);

Prius C (subcompact).

The third best-selling car in the world

Surprise! Here that in the light of global sales figures of vehicles for the first quarter of 2012 which have just been compiled, it appears that the Toyota Prius has become the third best-selling car in the world.

It is overtaken by the Toyota Corolla and Ford Focus.

Which represents the sales figures:

300,800 units for the Toyota Corolla;

277,000 units for the Ford Focus;

247,230 units for the Toyota Prius.

Toyota Prius 3rd position of global sales picture #1

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