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Mitsubishi i-MiEV: 100th was sold to a client of Quebec

The number of certified dealers i-MiEV now stands at 40 in the country

Jean-Sebastien Croteau in Victoriaville Quebec took possession of the 100th and 101st iMiEV Mitsubishi cars last week, a milestone in sales for the most energy efficient of Canada subcompact car and the most affordable electric vehicle in the country.

Mr. Croteau provides for use of its new acquisitions, two new i-MiEV in 2012, for delivery in city health products his company Brunet Plus Victoriaville. It precise: "We were looking for a small practical car emissions-. We worked closely with Mitsubishi Victoriaville before looking for the i-MiEV. "

Tony Laframboise, vice president of sales and marketing for Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada, says the i-MiEV Mitsubishi leads off the beaten track, or the few companies are aisles before: "Crossing the 100 units of i-MiEV sold represents a very important step since Mitsubishi launched a new segment in the Canadian market. The fully electric vehicles are so rare that there is no existing clientele. Thus, we build the segment, a sale at the same time. "

The i-MiEV cars Croteau, white diamond, were purchased from Mitsubishi Victoriaville, in southwestern Quebec, one of the ten new concessions i-MiEV Certified. The number of i-MiEV Certified concessions allowed to sell the electric vehicle is now 40 and pupil, or nearly half of the national network of Mitsubishi dealers. Thanks to these new Certified concessions, the i-MiEV is now available in 8 provinces.

Certification of a concession is granted according to very strict criteria, which include the ability to provide service and maintenance, the quality of customer service and the success of a specific sales training and service i-MiEV. Each certified concession appointed an advisor to the sale and keeps at least two systems of charging Level II.

Since its inception in Canada in mid-December, the vehicle without emissions Mitsubishi made the headlines thanks to its technological advances in electric vehicle, its modern looks and style fun to drive.

Calculated based on the EnerGuide label Natural Resources Canada, the performance of the iMiEV reached the equivalent of 1.9 L/100 km (city) and 2.1 L/100 km (city / highway). EnerGuide estimated that the cost of energy has subsequently assembled the i-MiEV has totaled $ 449. The performance of an average new vehicle is 10 L/100 km, which represents $ 12,600 gasoline over five years. Therefore, the fuel savings of the i-MiEV they protrude only $ 10,000 over five years. Besides the i-MiEV has fewer moving parts and requires no oil changes, which results in even more significant economies of operation.

The Mitsubishi i-MiEV is a subcompact hatchback 5-door car can accommodate 4 passengers. Its range can reach up to 155 km. It is one of only two fully electronic vehicles available in Canada at this time. Natural Resources Canada has granted him the title of the most fuel-efficient subcompact car sold in Canada.

Source: Mitsubishi Canada

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