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Chevrolet gives the kickoff its global commitment to soccer

Matches the Chevrolet China Cup in China in partnership with Manchester United.

The American manufacturer is committed to support the One World Futbol Project by donating 1.5 million virtually indestructible soccer balls to disadvantaged regions.

The five-year agreement to Chevrolet as the official automotive sponsor of Manchester United Barclays Premier League provides for the establishment of the Chevrolet China Cup as part of the Manchester United Tour 2012, courtesy of DHL.

Chevrolet China Cup to be held in July will present games in Shanghai and other cities in China. The first Chevrolet Global Partnership in the world of soccer since the founding of the company there 101 years marks a commitment to enhance the experience of fans.

Chevrolet also announced that it would also participate in the One World Futbol Project, an organization that aims to promote sport for young people in underprivileged areas with a soccer ball revolutionary, virtually indestructible. Chevrolet has the support of a grant of 1.5 million soccer balls One World Futbol over the next three years to organizations working in regions where young people are affected by the war, living in refugee camps or in areas devastated by a disaster, and in underprivileged communities. Chevrolet is the first company to sponsor a One World Futbol Project, partnerships that can improve the daily lives of more than 525,000 people in 137 countries.

"The Chevrolet being constantly growing in the world, there was no better time to make that commitment and to assert our presence in the world of soccer on an international scale, stated Joel Ewanick, head of the management of global marketing for General Motors. Our goal is to partner with soccer in a way that far exceeds traditional sponsorship. We want to demonstrate our boundless love for the sport celebrant that soccer has a better offer and supporters by offering them actually take part in the games. "

David Gill, Chief Executive of Manchester United stated: "Our pre-season tour is an important step for the Club as it enables us to prepare us for the regular season and meet our supporters and partners in different regions. We enjoyed an incredible support from our fans in the last game of pre-season contest in China. We were appalled by the passion and enthusiasm of our fans present to support us, and we hope that fans will be many more to encourage us this year. This is the first time we play for the Chevrolet China Cup and I think this will mark the beginning of a long and profitable relationship with Chevrolet. "

The One World Futbol Project has helped the schools, orphanages and non-profit organizations have to use sport as a tool for problem solving to teach tolerance and strengthen the sense of belonging to the community. The company is also an affiliate member of streetfootballnetwork, a network which includes 94 non-profit organizations using soccer as an engine of social change in 61 countries.

"The One World Futbol Project pays tribute to a fundamental value, a Chevrolet expensive or that soccer can affect lives, and allow to exceed promote changes in people around the world, says Ewanick. The beauty of soccer is more about people than play One World Futbol Project can join millions of people around the world to deploy these efforts, thus creating a global movement on the benefits of the game and people who are passionate . This is precisely the type of movement prone Chevrolet. "

Tim Jahnigen, co-founder and Chief Innovation One World Futbol Project Division stated: "Our mission at One World Futbol Project is to have a positive impact on people by promoting the pleasures of soccer and playing with youth the world of a way that children can be real children, without regard to the region of the world where they live. With Chevrolet, we found the ideal partner who shares like us, our vision of soccer, that is to say an opportunity to rally around a game, certainly, but also an opportunity to heal the left by like me war, disasters and poverty, and rebuild the unity of a community. Thanks to this partnership, we can have a positive impact on millions of lives around the world and, using a simple ball, ultra robust. "

Chevrolet China Cup

Chevrolet China Cup is part of the Manchester United Tour 2012, courtesy of DHL. In China, Manchester United will face Shanghai Shenhua FC and another team that will be unveiled later. Manchester United will play a game in China for the first time since 2009, and for the third time in its history.

"The opportunity to see the players of Manchester United in person is an important element to the pleasures of the supporters of the team as well as passionate soccer in the world, says Kevin Wale, president and chief executive of General Motors China Group. Chevrolet China Cup also allows the world to see how soccer has revolutionized somehow, China, and the future that it promises. This is an important objective for Chevrolet and GM, and we are extremely proud of our commitment to China. We prove it by offering a range of ever-increasing vehicles that meet the needs of Chinese consumers. "

Partnership with Manchester United

As part of its five-year deal with Manchester United, Chevrolet will explore various avenues to bring the supporters of the club, including sharing with fans some goods Chevrolet as sponsor. Eventually, our goal is to put fans in the foreground, giving them the opportunity to enter more easily in a sport they love.

"To be recognized and respected brand on a global scale, we need to be a source of inspiration for consumers, has says Ewanick. Few brands, if any, can boast to inspire as much as Manchester United. Our partnership will require a complete and absolute commitment to the team, to his fans and to all the passionate soccer. The Chevrolet family is fully committed to achieving these goals is to promote change through this partnership. "

One World Futbol Project

Jahnigen, who designed the One World Futbol, ​​virtually indestructible, has launched One World Futbol Project in 2010 thanks in part to the support of world-renowned singer Sting. Unlike balloons available in the market, the One World Futbol does not need to be inflated and deflated never, even if it is pierced several times. One One World Futbol can support hundreds of regular games, no matter the state of the field.

One World Futbol Project works with groups and companies all over the world to purchase, sponsor and distribute its unique ultra durable ball. You can buy a One World Futbol in detail in the program "Buy one, give one" on the website of One World Futbol Project. Buying a ball automatically causes the gift of a balloon has a body working in disadvantaged communities in the world. Those wishing to make a donation or buy balloons for their organization may also do so via the same website.

About Chevrolet in Canada

Founded in Detroit in 1911, Chevrolet celebrates its centennial as a global automotive brand with annual sales of about 4.25 million vehicles in more than 120 countries. Chevrolet provides consumers with efficient, safe and reliable vehicles that deliver high quality, expressive design, spirited performance and higher quality-price ratio. The Chevrolet portfolio includes iconic performance cars such as Corvette and Camaro; pick-up and reliable and durable SUVs such as Silverado and Suburban and passenger cars and crossover vehicles premiums as Sonic, Cruze, Malibu, Equinox and Traverse. Chevrolet also offers energy efficient solutions, from the reduction of electrical consumption only as the Cruze Eco and Volt mode. Cruze Eco consumes just 4.6 L/100 km in the highway while Volt can travel up to 80 kilometers in electric mode and only sees an extended autonomy of 500 km extra. Most new Chevrolet models offer technology security, protection and convenience of the system including OnStar Hands-Free Calling, Automatic Crash Response Support Service and Stolen Vehicle Slowdown. You can find more information regarding Chevrolet models at the address on Facebook / chevroletcanada or follow on Twitter @ ChevroletCanada. For more details on the initiative of Chevrolet in the world of soccer, visit site. 

About Manchester United

Manchester United is the team's most popular soccer world, with nearly 659 million followers and fans. The team has recently been cited in Forbes magazine as being the sports team showing the highest value in the world. Founded in 1878, the Club has won 19 English league, plus 11 FA cups, 3 European Cups, 1 Cup European Cup, 1 Cup World Championship FIFA Intercontinental Cup and 1 cup 4 cups English League. His manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, is the director who knows the most successful in British history. Off the field, the Club tasted the same success by displaying the highest volume of transactions for a British club and reaping the highest profits in the world of soccer.

About the One World Futbol Project

Launch in 2010, One World Futbol Project has developed the One World Futbol - the first balloon in the world virtually indestructible which does not need to be inflated and that never deflated. For every ball bought at retail, the company gives a ball a community in need. The company also sells the One World Futbol directly to institutions and organizations, and works together with schools, soccer teams, clubs and other organizations to help raise funds while providing balloons thanks to consumer purchases. The One World Futbol Project is headquartered in Berkeley, California. To date, One World Futbol Project is present in more than 137 countries through at least 138 organizations, perpetuating the pleasure of sport has more than 525 000 young people. For more information on One World Futbol Project, visit site. Follow us on to / OneWorldFutbol and on Twitter / oneworldfutbol.

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