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Opel has developed a proprietary high-performance frame for maximum adherence

Traction optimized thanks to a slip differential multi limit, chassis lowers special high performance, with FlexRide HiPerStruts, different modes to control the dynamic frame.

Opel has designed a chassis has very high performance to a new Astra OPC to show particularly dynamic cornering, while displaying more generally superb qualities of behavior can exploit its powerful 206 kW/280 hp and 400 Nm Chassis , equipped with shock absorbers supplied by ZF Sachs, benefited from several important elements which all contribute to the quality of the dynamic behavior of the car: a pivot legs decouple HiPerStruts on the front, a system FlexRide mechatronic chassis, has a differential slip Mechanical limit and Brembo brakes. Handling is even more incisive thanks to mounting series alloy wheels 19-inch pavement tires 245/40 ZR.


To convert the power of the new Astra energy transmitted to the bitumen, the front axle is equipped with a mechanical limited slip differential has multi. When one of the front wheels slipping, both friction discs installed in the differential act as clutches, transmission and exert on a strong restraint. This blocking effect (a maximum 50%) depends on the angle of the drive sprockets, which depends constraint between the discs, and will accordingly determine what pressure will be applied to the multi-plate clutch according torque applied. Less the angle of attack, the more sensitive the system is. In the case of the Astra OPC, an angle of attack of 45 degrees was chosen acceleration. In the case of deceleration, in other words, when making use of the brakes or the accelerator pedal is released, the friction discs move away from each other again and leave the ABS work on the front wheels.

A special frame FlexRide OPC: for all types of sports driving

The mechatronics FlexRide chassis has been specially adapted to the OPC requirements. It allows the driver to choose between three different driving modes, each mode defining a particular type of conduct has high performance. Standard mode presents a universal ideal compromise that preserves comfort for everyday driving. Even in this mode, the Astra OPC displays a royal cornering, thanks to an incisive direction and making minimal roll. Sport mode obtained by pressing a key, the steering becomes more direct as the definitions of the suspension adopt firmer settings, and then the roll is even better mastery for more agility.

OPC mode is an invitation to the ultimate driving: Steering gets more direct, the accelerator is more sensitive and laws of the frame are determined to optimize performance. The dials are illuminated in red to indicate that the car is OPC mode.

A behavior management with sub-modes "impact" and "roll"

To get the best possible behavior, the "impact" sub-mode changes the damping, allowing the wheels to be constantly in contact with the asphalt when the car speeding on floor deformed. This means that the vehicle landed smoothly even after a strong compression spring when the road presents a coating degrades. And sub-mode "regulation roll" still reduces body roll for a supreme agility.

Compared with the Astra GTC 1.6 Turbo (132 kW/180 hp), the OPC engineers have increased stiffness of natural springs around 30% and lowers the base of the vehicle additional ten millimeters, sticking a little more the car to the road. To offer the driver an even more dynamic and reactive behavior, bearings train back have also been stiffened.

Possibility to disable the ESP for a more sporty driving

As FlexRide control of ESP also offers three different modes corresponding to the sporty type that is to be adopted. The optimized standard law for OPC, ensures maximum safety behavior in everyday situations by avoiding the driver lost control over its car. The Competition raises the intervention threshold for automatic systems mode. However, if the vehicle is in a position close to the danger, it will be stabilized by the brake system. Mode disables ESP, which can be switched by pressing the ESP button for more than five seconds, the system is completely deactivates ESP.

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