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Ford recovered its oval logo

There has been much talk in 2008, financial woes manufacturers General Motors and Chrysler which passes very close to bankruptcy.

However, few have alluded to the financial woes of Ford in 2006 to guarantee of its brands, its plants and its corporate logo in order to avoid bankruptcy and to make a loan of 23.5 billion allowing it to proceed to a major restructuring.

What a wise decision of taking at the time, Bill Ford, great-son of the founder in order to save his business.

Its workforce is recovered

Although Ford has in fact never lost its workforce guarantees set today, the manufacturer becomes the owner in its own right.

Ford's financial situation has improved considerably in recent years, especially thanks to the lowering of its cost of production combined with strong sales increases in North American soil.

The next challenge

Unlike GM, which has benefited from a few years of strong sales on the Chinese automotive chessboard, Ford will have to double our efforts to better penetrate the Asian markets, including China.

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