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BMW i: a new concept of mobility BMW signed

BMW Group presented last year at a press conference in Munich, the new premium brand BMW i models and his first BMW i3 and BMW i8 whose marketing is planned in 2013. Based all electric or hybrid engines BMW i stands for cars and mobility services visionary, innovative and a new design feature strongly marked by sustainable development design.

BMW i represents a new step in the strategy electro-mobility BMW Group, after the MINI E and the BMW 1 Series Coupe BMW ActiveE also called. The first results of testing the MINI E and the BMW i3 Concept should be officially presented in France in autumn 2011.

BMW i3 Concept and BMW i8 Concept

Lightness, maximum autonomy, security, space and Driving qualities are the watchwords of the models BMW i3 Concept and BMW i8 Concept.

The BMW i3 Concept, first known as the Megacity Vehicle, is the first all electric car series BMW Group. Destinee has the urban environment, it is perfectly adapted to the requirements of eco-zero emission mobility and embodies an intelligent way to get around town or commuting in the periurban area.

BMW i8 Concept, a sports the very latest generation, is a unique plug-in hybrid car of its kind, which offers exceptional driving experience while settling for a minimum consumption and emission in respect of sustainable development.

LifeDrive concept - an innovative vehicle architecture

Unlike the approach of "conversion" (electric vehicle from a decline in vehicle engine), BMW Group, with the LifeDrive concept, imagine new models exclusively designed for use with electric or hybrid engines. Specificity of the LifeDrive concept, the cars have two separate units, either horizontally or vertically. CFRP Life module are the passenger, while the Drive Modules contain all important functionalities for driving.

The BMW i3 Concept, the electric energy accumulator is integrated in the underbody of the car (Drive Module) and cockpit styling comes over (module Life). This provision reveals an unreleased interior space and offers innovative solutions as a bench before continuing. The BMW i8 Concept, the LifeDrive architecture is rigorously adapted to the sports character of the car. Both lodges engines on modules front and rear axle axle are connected by "the energy keel", which houses the high-voltage battery (Drive module). The center of gravity of the vehicle, thus lowering promotes its dynamic behavior.

BMW thinks further

BMW i also integrated for the first time a range of mobility services used outside of the vehicle. The manufacturer imagine solutions optimizing parking, Telematics systems with local information, intermodal planning Itinerary and "Drive Now," the first premium car-sharing service.

Sustainable development at the heart of BMW i

Since the 1970s, the thinking and action of the BMW Group are inseparable from a logic of sustainable development. BMW i, the BMW ambition is to respect this principle on the whole chain of value creation, the phases of strategy and design. The purchasing department as a Sales through the study services, Development and Production, all actors have integrated the three pillars of sustainable development (environmental, economic and social).

The promising French market for electric

BMW Group France particularly focuses on BMW i brand to maintain sales growth in the coming years and BMW position as one of the pioneers of electro-mobility, particularly in France. "France represents the second potential market for electric," recalls Philippe Dehennin, President and CEO of BMW Group France. "Currently, 50 MINI E (declination 100% electric MINI) are tested at Paris by users both professional and private."

Source: BMW France

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BMW i: a new concept of mobility BMW signed picture #2

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