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More dirty hands and dirty bodies

Thanks to the system without filler cap Cadillac, advanced technique fuel stops faster; it's less messy!

The new luxury sedan Cadillac XTS is characterized by many technologies that are immediately notice that you press the button to start the vehicle. But as the novelty capless filler system remains hidden to everyone.

"This new system presents an advantage to the car and the driver, stated John Hamilton, engineer-designer systems fueling a Cadillac. It can not get their hands dirty, do not scratch the body with a cap that swings while the engine can run more regularly. "

Because the fuel system must be completely watertight, sore farm cap can cause the ignition of a witness verification engine, followed by a visit to the workshop.

The XTS 2013 is not equipped with a conventional screw cap has hidden behind a fuel door. This is why the door is not provided to put the hand; It was designed smaller and less noticeable effect on the tole of the XTS.

Despite its lack of cap, the system complies with all regulations relating to the sealing of the fuel system. When you insert the filler nozzle, you push two sets of components, each locking the fuel inside by means of a rubber seal on the edges. Both components have been designed to ensure that the system remains sealed throughout the years of car ownership.

"Some capless systems on the market have only one component, which makes them vulnerable to leaks, Hamilton continues. Unlike its competitors, the Cadillac system has no internal evacuation system that can also cause unexpected leaks. "

Dispose of a plug systems also has advantages for the owners. You may not leave the station with the cap dangling and swinging, with damage to the paint and unsightly spilled fuel on the body that entails.

As the XTS is equipped with a V6 with direct injection and advance innovations in the field of lightness engine as integrated exhaust manifolds to the head and a box has six reports last generation speed, the stops to make the extra fuel will be less frequent.

"We have lingered all the details to make the XTS, the most modern Cadillac sedan adds Sheri Hickok, chief engineer. Even what seemed the most common, such as a fuel cap, deserved and received full attention. "

Source: Cadillac

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