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Nissan Juke R: we are talking about small production series

Nissan will manufacture an exclusive series of this model initiator of a new kind of weapon and pointing a 545 hp 257 km / h;

The new Juke-R will be even more powerful than the original concept;

On line parallel to the announcement of a film or the Juke R is the star;

A short film presentation with the Juke R is the star.

Nissan has announced that its innovative crossover Juke R is proposing the purchase in the form of a very limited series manufactured to order.

The Juke R 3.8L engine pointing to 257 km / ha made his first appearance in Dubai World last January, where he creates a huge craze. In stride, Nissan has received three firm orders. Two of them emanate an eminent personage, very in view of the company in Dubai.

Nissan will build more Juke R demand and take orders in the coming weeks before the official start of production.

While the original Juke R was based on running gear GT-R 2010, the new series will benefit from the chassis and suspension systems of the GT-R millesime 2012. The first copies are being manufactured and the first three cars will be delivered to their new owners at the end of the summer.

Comments Gareth Dunsmore, Juke Product Marketing Director: "The Juke-R was originally intended to be a unique concept combining two of the most innovative Nissan models. But the reactions caused by the car Dubai were prodigious. When we think were some offers for the original on the street!

With such strong reactions, and three binding offers, we decided to make the car a reality. We can not abandon the passionate who at this point want to add the car to their collection. The Juke R has become a sort of phenomenon and I am extremely proud of the impact it has had. Expect to other information about the Juke in the course of the year. "

Anyone interested in buying the most surprising Crossover Nissan date can contact [email protected]

Parallel to the announcement, Nissan is also online today film or the Juke R is the star.

Desert Nemesis follows Lucas Ordonez, the first laureate of the Nissan GT Academy, when he faces the best supercars in the world in a thrilling race street, which is reminiscent of the series of Need for Speed.

In Desert Nemesis, film director Rob Kaplan premium seized the noise and enthusiasm raised by the athletic Juke-R and street racing facing opponents among the most acclaimed and most thunderous.

By mixing sequences of a large movie production with raw scenes player console become commercial pilot currently facing the most exciting world homologated cars on the road, the path leading to the exclusive International Marina Club Dubai, Bob Kaplan gives us the opportunity to see the Juke-R find its place in the global elite.

The Spaniard Lucas Ordonez became grace professional pilot GT Academy, the result of a unique partnership between Nissan and Sony in 2008. He made his debut at the 24 Hours of Le Mans with Nissan in 2011 and will return to the Sarthe circuit the next 16 and 17 June with Greaves Motorsport, the victorious ecurie motorisee by Nissan.

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