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Infiniti concept, luxury electric

At the Auto Show in New York this year, the Infiniti brand proceeded global unveiling its Concept LE. This fully electric luxury sedan is animated by an improved version of the engine that the team already Nissan Leaf. It will produce the equivalent of 134 horsepower and 240 lb-ft, while the lithium-ion should allow a range of 160 kilometers.

With a drag coefficient of 0.25, this new sedan proves very aerodynamic, but not openly display his vocation as a zero emission vehicle since it looks more like a true luxury car only to an AC car. The battery pack is located under the floor of the car, maximizing interior space and lowering the center of gravity of the vehicle. Taking up board, driver and passengers will notice the luxurious environment and the two screens whose interface has been designed specifically for electric vehicles.

Like a cell!

Concept may be THE recharge in two ways: by charging port connected by a cable to a charger or a charging device without contact. The system works thanks to the transfer of energy by induction from an embedded coil in the garage floor or the car will be parked. This is sort of the concept of an accessory like Powermat to recharge a cell phone simply by the applicant on the device.

Concept LE is also equipped with a system of automated parking to ensure it is always optimally positioned relative to the localized coil in the floor. With this device, it is no longer necessary to connect the car has a power cable, which is fully compatible with the objectives luxury car Concept LE, and automated parking system eliminates any anxiety about perfect alignment of the vehicle and charger.

Although it is yet only a concept, Infiniti provides that the marketing model of series developed on the basis of LE Concept will take place within two years.

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