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Renault Samsung SM5 Eco-Impression: a return to 1073 km without refueling

The President of Renault Samsung Motors, Francois PROVOST, was pleased to announce that SM5 Eco-Impression successfully undertook a trip of 1,073 km between the Porte de la Reunification has Paju and the new port Busan with a single tank of gas on 4 and 5 January 2012. This feat is accomplished first in Korea by a vehicle midrange acquires a petrol engine 2.0-liter cylinder.

Realized internally by Renault Samsung Motors on a course including main roads, highways and urban roads, this test has allowed the SM5 Eco-Impression, which owns a gas tank capacity of 70 liters, transport its driver passenger and the Technical Centre for Renault Samsung Motors has Giheung Porte de la Reunification has Paju, then the new port of Busan, before returning to the Technical Center with a single tank of gasoline. The average consumption during the 1,073 km of the trip amounted to 6.52 liters / 100 km.

To meet customer demands for efficient vehicles because of rising fuel prices, the SM5 Eco-Impression has given itself the record of Korea's fuel consumption for a vehicle with an engine gasoline 2.0-liter cylinder with 7.1 liters / 100 km.

It was equipped with the new X-Tronic transmission which provides better energy efficiency, improved performance and acceleration of a superior driving comfort, while sensors rotational speed of the turbo, an improved lubrication of the clutch, a oil pressure sensor high precision and the use of a low viscosity engine oil were all factors contributing to optimize engine performance.

Energy efficiency has been further enhanced by the use has a multitude of new technological tricks, such as Smart Energy Management (ESM), tires with low rolling resistance and Stop & Start.

During this test, the performance of the SM5 Eco-Impression also been being equal or higher than those of other vehicles midrange has regimes rotation BELOW 4,000 r / min engine, the range of The most common use among users. The car was covered with praises for its excellent fuel efficiency in urban areas.

Hong Sun Jeon (Brand Manager for vehicles of medium and high-end, Renault Samsung Motors): "The SM5 Eco-Impression is a highly innovative model whose energy performance allows significant fuel savings. This is the ideal vehicle for consumers looking for a quality / price of the first order and a reduced cost of operation in the world today compared OR OCCURRING the high price of fuel and the economic recession. "

Source: Renault Samsung

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