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Intelligent lighting of the Cadillac XTS

The innovative lighting has own brand of theatrical and added safety features

The new lighting techniques add to the imposing presence of luxury cars, while providing functional benefits of real world. The all-new luxury sedan Cadillac XTS 2013 contain more than 20 sources of light which is separated "host" the driver in a choreography carefully studied when pressed on the remote control.

The new XTS, which will be launched in the second quarter, includes LEDs integrated into door handles, clean vertical LED has the brand in the headlights, taillights and ambient lighting in and around the car. Further extension of the brand in the design of the car, the lighting is convenient and offers additional security to drivers in parking lots at night.

Cadillac designers took advantage of the steady progress of LED technology for use lighting that transmits subtlety and breadth, and functional benefits.

"The new series of LED now offers a new color palette that incorporates the most dramatic effects of lighting than ever, declares Christos Roustemis, interior designer Cadillac.

On the inside, a cool blue lighting highlights the controls and instruments of the car, while warmer colors enhance the passenger area.

We draw each phase of the process for careful choreography adaptation focusing on important areas of the vehicle, both inside and outside, with melted enlightened similar to the lighting of a theatrical production continues Roustemis. "

It also required that the color is in harmony with the interior color of the car as well as the main screen and the dashboard user Cadillac (CUE) experience. The task was to make an ambient lighting element that enhances the experience and minimize distraction.

"The creation of dramatic effects and pleasant spaces has long been the hallmark of lightings, declare Rosemarie Allaire, California-based designer and architectural lightings. "According to her, the progress made in LED lightings to have paved the way for new possibilities of lighting design.

"In cars, as in architecture, lighting defines what we feel in relation to space. This is both the art and the experience of the user continues Allaire. For me, beauty is in the blends, how you overlay effects, shuffle the light sources and combine everything into a final product. "

The choreography of lighting the XTS is synchronized with the fraction of a second by the central control system of the car and subjected to various triggers such as remote control, the doors and the ignition switch. The exterior lighting illuminates the car's perimeter in order to enhance the level of security and facilitate the identification of the vehicle.

Cadillac first used a vertical lighting that it was clean and that was his theme of exterior design in 1948. Through the design language of art and science that has defined Cadillac during these twelve years past, designers use lines vertical LED front and rear corners of the vehicle.

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