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Renault ZOE unveiled his model and opens reservations

On the occasion of the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, Renault revealed the price of ZOE, a compact sedan exclusively electric, and opens the book on website. ZOE will be commercialized from autumn 2012 in Europe and made in Flins, France.

In France, Renault ZOE will be available from 15 700 € 1 TTC with the entree Life ZOE version serial strongly equipped with tablet multimedia integrated Renault R-Link, the Cameleon CONTROLLED charger and air conditioning. The two high-end versions, Zen and ZOE ZOE Intens, are priced at 17 500 € 1 TTC.

The rent of the battery is from 79 € TTC / month for a package 12 500 km per year / 36 months.

With six world premieres and sixty patents, ZOE embodies the excellence of Renault electric and integrated the more advanced electric technology:

First electric vehicle large series from 15 700 € 1 Tax in France.

First electric vehicle to be a great series counterpart in NEDC cycle, has 210 km of autonomy.

First in series of vehicle crew system "Range Optimizer" which improves real autonomy thanks to its three innovations - new generation of regenerative braking, heat pump and high performance tires Michelin Energy EV energetics, whatever the driving conditions. For example, in the periurban course, the customer can realize real-use between 100 km and 150 km cold season in temperate season.

First electric vehicle can be recharged at any power level up to 43 kilowatts, from 30 minutes to 9 hours, thanks to the charger Cameleon ships. Thus, ZOE recharges in about one hour on the charging "accelerated" providing 22 kilowatts. These terminals are simpler and more economical to deploy the current fast charge terminals. This level of intermediate power better preserve the life span of batteries and has less impact on the power grid a quick recharge is 43 kW.

First electric vehicle that allows the massive deployment of charging faster, easier and up to four times less dear.

First vehicle Renault present Renault R-Link system connects and integrates multimedia.

With ZOE, Renault puts Zero angle2 mobility within the reach of many. It is the first car conceived to be 100% electric, accessible from 15 700 € 1 TTC in France and ideal for everyday use.

ZOE LIFE, electrical excellence everyday

Of the Life version Renault ZOE receives all the technology in the service of simplicity to use, autonomy, and connectivity. It is equipped:

The system Range Optimizer.

Cameleon charger.

Renault R-Link. This large 7'' touch screen with voice recognition allows you to control all without leaving the road. Program: Carminat TomTom ® Live, managing your electric driving, music, applications via the R-Link Store, emails and more.

My pack Z.E. Connect to view remotely on Smart Phone or PC, the information that relate to autonomy.

Of "Z.E. Voice, "a sound alerting pedestrians outside of the arrival of the vehicle. The driver can choose between three different sounds: Pure Glam and Sport.

Eco-mode that preserve autonomy by reducing the performance of the air conditioning and engine power. This function is activated reinsurance thanks to a switch on the center console.

And other equipment of comfort such as air conditioning and programmable CONTROLLED pre-conditioning of the passenger.

ZOE ZEN takes care of its occupants

In a clear, bright ambience ZOE Zen labeled "Take Care by Renault" is dedicated to the well-being and comfort. She receives:

A diffuser with relaxing scents active or stimulating properties. Active effectiveness of these fragrances was proved by a study conducted by the German Institute Psyrecon.

Ionizer has a purifying and relaxing functions. The purifying function eliminates bacteria in the air of the cabin. The relaxing mode sends negative ions to restore balance with the positive ions present in excess in a confined space.

A sensor which detects toxicity pollution peaks and then activates the automatic air recirculation in the cockpit.

Seat Teflon ® for a more comfortable cleaning. This invisible and odorless treatment makes the fabric waterproof seats and stain-resistant.

With a black and technical environment, ZOE BRIGHT says the dynamic character of ZOE

ZOE BRIGHT is equipped with series of parking assist with rearview camera

ZEN and BRIGHT versions also offer:

Sound 3D Sound by Arkamys auditorium, whose quality can be fully appreciated thanks to the silent operation of ZOE.

Hands-free card.

16'' aluminum wheels "Aerotronic" design evoking a propeller and specially worked in aerodynamics.

My pack Z.E. Inter @ ctive to activate or stop the load remote programming of its charge distance and the instantaneous launch or differs from the pre-conditioning of the passenger, Smart Phone or PC.

Pack to enter the Digital applications R-Link Store

At reservation, guests can choose already:

One of six colors External (option Metallic Paint: from 470 €.

16'' aluminum wheels (500 € TTC on Life ZOE) or 17'' (250 € TTC on ZOE Zen and Intensity).

Booking, the price of 49 € TTC occurs on the site. The Campers have access to privileged information and ZOE What exclusive and personalized gifts.

1 Bonus ecological of € 5,000 deducted - 2 In use, wear out piece.

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