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Subaru will offer the system in America EyeSight

For some time, a Subaru sold in Japan must possess the EyeSight system, otherwise it passes something else.

An innovative technology that will retrieve this summer, with a few extra dollars, the interior of the Subaru Legacy and Outback 2013.

The system EyeSight

It is basically a security system consists of two stereoscopic cameras placed on either side of the mirror.

EyeSight is directly connected to a system of automatic braking and adaptive allowing it, somehow, to take control of the vehicle, or almost.

Its main functionalities include a:

-    monitor the road without interruption;

-    slow the vehicle to avoid a collision;

-    stop the vehicle has a lower 30 km / h;

-    analyze the lines of the road and warn if they are passed;

-    regulate the speed to maintain a safe distance with the car in front.

The adaptive cruise control a distance sensor is effective up to a speed of 140 km / h.

Subaru will offer the system in America EyeSight picture #1

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