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Honda dealers in Quebec adhere to the Clear the air!

This morning, in the premises of Honda Canada Boucherville that took place the press conference, announcing that Honda Dealers Association of Quebec adhered to the environmental program The Air!

Were present at this meeting the most friendly, the Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and Parks, Mr. Pierre Arcand, the president of the Quebec Association against air pollution, Andre Belisle, General Director Zone of Quebec for Honda Canada Inc., Mr. Pierre Langevin and Technical Director at Honda Canada, Yves Christmas.

For all of us it is a very good news to see Honda dealers in Quebec accede to this program more environmentally friendly.

Clear The Air!

Established in 2003, the program was extended last year by the Government of Quebec through its green fund, and, until 2013. It is managed by the Quebec Association against air pollution.

It offers incentives to motorists so that they come to dispose of their vehicles from 1998 and up. Are also added, as appropriate, advantageous for transit tracks, buying an electric bike and discounts for carpooling.

Between April 2009 and March 2011, nearly 45,000 people have enjoyed the benefits granted by this program. In terms of air pollution, this is equivalent to removing 850,000 cars from 2004 and older, roads of Quebec.

Calculating discounts program The Air!

The customer who presents at a Honda dealer to buy or lease a new vehicle, or use does not exceeding four years, and demand is recycled his old vehicle can then receive a discount, on condition that the new vehicle: 

be certified for its low pollutant emission;

meets the criteria of the program The Air!;

consumes less fuel than the old vehicle.

To better determine the exact amount of the rebate, a comparative emission of CO? between the old and the new vehicle over a period of three years, will be performed.

In the end, unless the new vehicle will pollute more generous will be the delivery of the program. Thus, it has established three levels of discounts adjusted according pollutant emission reductions, which are as follows: $ 600, $ 1000 and $ 1500.

To better inform you about the discounts offered by these incentives, just use the calculator on the website

Government Credit

It is also important to check if the new vehicle is eligible for credits offered by the various levels of government.

Honda dealers in Quebec adhere to the Clear the air! picture #1

Honda dealers in Quebec adhere to the Clear the air! picture #2

Honda dealers in Quebec adhere to the Clear the air! picture #3

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