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Chrysler Canada: Ram build the only origin in North America truck supplies compressed natural gas (CNG)

Ram Truck has announced that he will be the only manufacturer in North America to offer a truck supplies compressed natural gas (CNG) has built the plant.

Intended to fleet customers and commercial customers, the Ram 2500 Heavy Duty truck has GNC offers competitive advantages in terms of costs and emissions and uses an abundant natural resource and exploited the country.

"Business customers are very important to Ram Truck brand," stated Fred Diaz, President and CEO of Ram Truck Brand - Chrysler Group LLC. "The addition has an effective range of Ram truck, competent and supplies CNG is very logical - both economic and in terms of the environment. "


Anime by the 5.7-liter HEMI ® V8, the Ram HD CNG includes storage tanks of compressed gas and a gas tank 30 liters (8 gallons).

HEMI 5.7-liter bi-Ram has been modified to run on compressed natural gas and gasoline. The redesigned cylinder heads and fitted with valves and valve seats specially designed and compatible CNG allow the engine to burn both fuels. The engine also includes a second ramp and a clean game CNG injectors. New spark plugs improve combustion and durability and a new module powertrain allows the HEMI to run on one or the other of the two fuels. Canadian customers can choose a gas tank of 132 liters (35 gallons) (late availability).

Fully designed and tested by the Chrysler Group, the system CNG Ram 2500 is built entirely at the factory of heavy-duty trucks (HD) Saltillo Mexico.

The system is actuated automatically, without operator intervention. The motor is powered by CNG or gasoline and password of a fuel to another way of imperceptible, with little difference in terms of functioning and skills.

Although a small amount of gasoline is brulee at start the engine, the Ram CNG feeds exclusively compressed natural gas. If the CNG tanks are empty, the engine automatically switches to gasoline.

The driver will find the instrument cluster gauge a traditional gasoline plus a second clean CNG gauge.

The autonomy of CNG is approximately 410 kilometers (255 miles), while the reserve of 30 liters of gasoline will bring total autonomy 590 km (367 miles).

The two CNG tanks ultra-resistant 4.6 ft3 Ram 2500 Heavy Duty can be found on the front of the box of 8 feet. Both reservoirs are fixed to the frame and covered with a cover of 50 ksi high strength steel and painted. The filler neck CNG is just beside the fuel filler neck and is accessed from the hatch petrol.

The CNG tanks contain gasoline equivalent 68.9 liters (18.2 gallons).

To calculate the equivalent in essence, is based on the energy equivalent of a gallon (U.S.) of gasoline.


The Ram 2500 CNG retains its skills of heavy duty truck towing capabilities and payload enviable and exceptional accelerations for overtaking and the entrance on the highway.

2500 Ram CNG presents a maximum payload of 717 kg (1,580 lb), a case of a usable length of 4 feet 8 inches and a maximum towing capacity of 3,470 kg (7,650 lb) with equipment appropriate.

Ready for towing delivery, the Ram 2500 CNG equipment includes the integrated serial connectors to 4 and 7-pin and a Class IV hitch. It also includes a trailer brake module with optional electrohydraulic brakes or electric trailer programmable by the customer.

Like all Ram 2500 Heavy Duty brakes Ram CNG are distinguished by their enormous 14-inch discs with calipers matched. GAWR rises before a 2359 kg (5200 lb), an ideal weight to attach a set of snow removal.

Clean Energy

Natural gas is abundant in North America and represents a common source of supply for large fleets of vehicles.

Canada and the United States, CNG comes mainly from groundwater sources. The reserves are abundant and CNG emits less greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than gasoline or diesel. In fact, CNG-powered vehicles emit 20 percent. 100 less CO2 than petrol, which presents an advantage for the environment not only because of the reduction in emissions but also due to the reduction of greenhouse gases in the production of gas. Also, CNG vehicles produce an average of 70 percent. 100 less than carbon monoxide and 87 percent. 100 less NOx than petrol vehicles.

CNG is a proven technology and is cheaper than other alternative fuels. He benefited from a favorable public perception has the respect of ecological products, favorable regulations and strategic initiatives.

CNG technology is a viable option in the short term to reduce our dependence on oil.

Solutions for parks

The Ram 2500 CNG architecture combines proven HEMI 5.7-liter natural gas system to pose a plant and will be sold through the usual networks of commercial sales.

Advanced technology which benefited the Ram 2500 CNG conferred on him the same power, the same performance and the same skills as a traditional Ram truck.

"This proven technology is a viable solution as well as the main" reason to buy ", that is to say, a lower total operating cost," stated Peter Grady, Vice President, Development of networks and parks - Chrysler Group LLC. "The addition of the Ram 2500 has a factory built CNG stresses the importance of business customers and parks for Ram Trucks brand. "

Warranty: 5 years/100, 000 km

The HEMI V8 and transmission are covered by a limited warranty of 5 years/100, 000 km which also covers the internal components of clean engine CNG system, namely, valves and valve seats modified and candles designed specifically for CNG . All these components are part of the manufacturing process and the same production plant.

2500 Ram CNG is almost entirely covered by the limited warranty of 3 years/60, 000 kilometers. Regarding the CNG system, this warranty covers all non subsequently assembled components to the motor, including reservoirs, storage compartment and spare filling.

Also, large parks often install both types of CNG refueling stations: a fast filling and slow filling. In addition, the bi allows the Ram CNG run on gasoline indefinitely, until the driver can supply the CNG.

The leaders of the Ram Truck brand has expect that clients Ram 2500 HD CNG include telecommunication companies, utilities, producers of natural gas and government agencies.

The availability of a larger number of CNG vehicles and a more generalized adoption of CNG as main fuel will result in the widening of a CNG fleet vehicles and increased investment in infrastructure CNG refueling.

Fiat and CNG

Fiat dominates the market for CNG vehicles in Europe and holds more than 80 percent. 100 of the market. Between 1997 and 2011, Fiat sold in Europe more than 480 000 passenger cars and vehicles using compressed natural gas light trucks.

In addition, since 1995, Iveco (Fiat division of industrial and commercial vehicles) focused on vehicles powered by natural gas. Iveco today represents the leading European research and sale of natural gas vehicles and has 11,000 units on the road belonging to private companies and public organizations.

To learn more, visit and

Some facts about vehicles powered by natural gas:

There are approximately 12,000 vehicles powered by natural gas in Canada

The International Association of Natural Gas Vehicles estimates that there will be over 50 million natural gas vehicles worldwide in the next 10 years, which represents about 9 p. 100 World Fleet

The vehicles to natural gas can be supplied from existing natural gas pipelines. This means that the residences connected to mains natural gas can serve fueling stations


Truck Ram 2500 Heavy Duty CNG will present a first in Canada March 14, 2012 under the GLOBE Conferences in Vancouver (BC). The company expects to deliver its first trucks in July 2012.

The Ram 2500 CNG model is available exclusively in 4x4 crew cab with wheelbase of 169 inches, ST or SLT versions.

About the Ram Truck Brand

Since its inauguration as a separate brand, Ram Truck continues to affirm its identity and define its clientele. With the creation of the Ram Truck brand, it is now possible to focus on the precise use that are typical clients of their trucks and on the characteristics they value. Whether the family who uses his truck daily or tradespeople who operate a robust Ram Heavy Duty or a contractor who relies on its commercial vehicles, the Ram brand knows respond to market needs of the truck.

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