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Joliette is a intaller first public electric terminals


Joliette is a intaller first public electric terminals picture #1

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Joliette is a intaller first public electric terminals picture #2

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Joliette is a intaller first public electric terminals picture #3

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First, Hydro-Joliette is the first electrical network in the country has set up a public terminals 240 volts accessible to any owner of vehicle powered by electricity. In addition, Hydro-Joliette realized another first as a private electrical network - there are a dozen in Quebec grouped in AREQ (Association redistributors of electricity from Quebec), deployant in this type of infrastructure on its territory . Note that the City of Joliette has shown vanguard on this issue since the installation of such terminals was planned before the completion of the proposed redevelopment of Place Bourget which began in 2008.

Terminals and I-MiEV

The electrical terminals Joliette are not the only ones in Quebec; but also they are used for TARGETED like currently being conducted by Hydro-Quebec in Boucherville, or experiences, they are the property of companies possessing fleets of vehicles such as Communauto Montreal and Quebec. We lately learned that the establishment of a network of public charging stations in the regions of Montreal and Quebec will be realized in the spring.

The municipal authorities have also reached an agreement with the Joliette Mitsubishi dealer who graciously agrees to lend a car I-MiEV has the City, and during a period of six months. The car will be used by parking attendants. At the end of their workday, the vehicle will branch to the electric terminal situated in the parking lot of City Hall. Include another terminal has been installed on the site Bourget North, facing the PJC Jean Coutu pharmacy. Hydro-Joliette has planned for additional locations on the periphery of the site and the parking Bourget St. Viateur which was redone last summer. Thus, the network of charging stations will extend as and as the park electric cars will grow. Note that the parking space adjacent to the terminal will reserve exclusively for electric vehicles.

Easy operation ... and fast!

Demand looks strong for electric cars and their owners will certainly want to get out of the major centers for walking in area. Thus, a user of the vehicle mu electricity may, for example, visiting the north of Lanaudière, visit different places, continue its path until Joliette and stop downtown. While his vehicle recharge, it can shop, go to a restaurant or relax, then hit the road. The location of electrical terminals appear on the website of the City of Joliette, on the site of the company that manufactures quebecoise AddÉnergie terminals, as well as the "PlugShare" site that allows you to find with his GPS and cell phone the location of terminals in Canada and the United States mainly.

To recharge the car, nothing more simple: it will connect the vehicle and activate the grace terminal has a card access a format similar to a credit card. For a moment, users can get this card for the sum of ten dollars by calling the toll-free number AddÉnergie 1-877-505-2674. This will allow them to charge their car not only thanks to the terminals located in Joliette, but also those that will gradually have to be built elsewhere in Quebec. Depending on the type of vehicle batteries, it is possible to accumulate up to 40 kilometers of electrical energy per hour.

In time, users will use the transactional web site AddÉnergie "recharge" their access map. Note that just over 75 per cent of the amount paid by the motorist for electric charging will pay Hydro-Joliette; the difference will be used to cover taxes (GST and QST) and transaction costs and management. For LOCATED terminals has Joliette, parking fees will be included in the cost of charging.

City of Joliette is very pleased to have taken measures to encourage destinies its citizens make responsible choices in matters of environmental protection and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. She also welcomed to give thanks to the example of the excellent cooperation Joliette Mitsubishi dealer, the only company here that committed itself to ensure the delivery of a motor vehicle fuels to electricity according to the proposed conditions by the City of Joliette.

Source: City of Joliette

Joliette is a intaller first public electric terminals picture #4

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