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Fewer deaths on the roads of Quebec in 2011

The Surete du Quebec has unveil the results of road traffic collisions on its territory in 2011, and also of its interventions in matters of road safety.

On the balance sheet, the downward trend continues. This year, two notable facts emerge from bankruptcy. On the one hand, a marked improvement affects young people 16 to 19 years. In 2011, 26 were killed in crashes, while they were at 44 in 2010, a decrease of nearly 41%. The number of collisions with serious wounded was also reduced by more than about 12.5% ​​over the same period from 1,040 to 910, or 130 less.

Balance of collisions and casualties - 2011

Collisions and deaths 2011 2010 Change between 2011 and 2010

Number and%

324,336 deaths - 12 to 3.6%

Fatality 295 297 - 2 - 0.7%

Serious injury crashes 910 1040 - 130 -12.5%

Collisions with wounded (bass and lightweight) 16 028 16 513 to 485 -2.9%

Several factors have contributed to the general improvement of road safety record: increased youth prevention, conducting targeted operations, particularly with this clientele, evaluation of the sites most at risk to better target police interventions and the use of new technologies.

Include, among others, holding five operations catalyst, participation at different shows (auto, motorcycle, quad, etc..) And the distribution of a leaflet about the dangers of "texting" while driving.

In point of briefing this morning, Inspector Yves Bouchard says that the Surete du Quebec continue these efforts to improve the road safety record, together with its partners, the Society of Motor Insurance Quebec, the Ministry of Transportation of Quebec, other police services and information media that disseminate prevention messages.

Note that the statement of guidance in matters of road safety is renewed again this year and the Surete du Quebec will continue to adapt its strategies of interventions based on emerging phenomena.

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