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Driving a hybrid vehicle would you save it? Discover it by hybridizing tool Toyota Canada!

Chance to drive a plug-in hybrid Prius for a week by entering the contest Hybridizer Toyota Canada

You wonder how a hybrid vehicle could save you? Or if an electric car can meet your needs? Or what amount of pollutant emission produce when you go on the weekend getaway?

Toyota Canada's Hybridizer present, an educational online tool that allows Canadians to compare a conventional gasoline vehicle is a hybrid, a plug-in hybrid and an electric vehicle.

These different powertrains are put in a situation in typical scenarios, such as commuting, a weekend getaway or a great road trip, and hybridizing tool shows motorists how much it is costing gasoline or electricity the durations of load electricity and various amounts of pollutants emitted.

In addition, Canadians now have the chance to live the experience of a plug-in hybrid thanks to Toyota Canada's Hybridizer contest. Refuel gasoline like an ordinary car or connect you to roll electric-only mode, it is you who decide what works best.

The contest starts today and runs until April 31, will offer five winners the opportunity to drive a Prius plug-in hybrid (PHV) 2012 for a week.

"Because the price of gasoline has risen steadily, Canadians are always on the lookout for more efficient ways to get around everyday. Thanks to the technology of Hybrid Synergy Drive Toyota Prius PHV, which will be added this year to the Prius family, offers drivers an exceptionally low "consumption, explained Stephen Beatty, Director of Environment at Toyota Canada Inc. "Hybridizer tool gives Canadians the opportunity to see how a hybrid vehicle or electric can incorporate into their lives. "

The Prius PHV 2012, which will be unveiled at the International Auto Show in Canada, will arrive in Canada in 2012, is an intermediate car has five seats large tailgate providing Canadians the versatility required for short commuting as well as for long trips. Powered by the reputed Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive, it receives a lithium-ion battery that allows it to travel up to 25 kilometers in electric-only mode at a speed of up to 100 km / h and can recharge in just three hours on a standard household outlet. When the Prius PHV is allee to the end of its autonomy in electric-only mode and the battery is empty, it automatically switches to normal mode hybrid with regenerative braking, the electric motor assist and electric-only mode at low speeds over short distances.

To participate in the "Drive a Prius Plug-In Hybrid for a Week" Toyota, visit simply follow the online instructions and submit your entry form in which you say a Toyota Why you should drive a plug-in hybrid Prius for a week.

To find out how much you could save gasoline by driving a hybrid vehicle, and all precisions about the contest, visit

Driving a hybrid vehicle would you save it? Discover it by hybridizing tool Toyota Canada! picture #1

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