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Chrysler Canada is committed to keep the Dodge Grand Caravan

Very recently, we announced that Chrysler would put an end to the production of his model Dodge Grand Caravan.

Finally, it appears that it was not quite false or quite true.

But what should normally occur at from 2013:

-    Release of a new generation of minivans

-    The Chrysler Town & Country name would be used by our neighbors to the south

-    In Canada, it should retain the name Dodge Grand Caravan

-    Both assemblies would still have the Windsor plant

A much more logical decision taking into account the sales of these two models in North America, which indicate that Americans buy more Chrysler Town & Country and our side, we prefer by far the Dodge Grand Caravan.

An icon

Appeared in 1984 under the spelling "Autobeaucoup" minivan has known an instant success and has even become an icon of the North American automotive industry.

Today, more than 25 million minivans signed by the American manufacturer has found a buyer. The vehicle is assembled even in Austria for several years in collaboration with the Canadian equipment manufacturer, Magna International, as the Chrysler Voyager. Recently, the Italian brand Lancia offers a clone of the latter also called Voyager.

The end of duplication

This decision by the executive Chrysler was intended to simplify the nomenclature of its various product lines and especially to end duplication for.

This new approach is announced that we in no way prevents the manufacturer to achieve its goal to end the duplication of its minivans, since each country will offer one model or the Chrysler Town & Country United States and Dodge Grand Caravan for the Canadian market.

Chrysler Canada is committed to keep the Dodge Grand Caravan picture #1

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