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The Bahrain GP will take place, in principle ...

Grand Prix Formula 1 Bahrain should be run on April 22. Officially, everything is back to normal in the small Persian Gulf state, shaken by movements of revolt last year in the wake of the "Arab Spring", which had forced the cancellation of the 2011 edition of the Grand Prix . But various humanitarian groups still urge drivers and members of F1 teams do not go to Bahrain in April, arguing that human rights remain unfulfilled by the family reigning over the country. I must say that it is by the intervention of the army of tanks to Saudi Arabia as the popular uprising had been mate year passes, priced at thousands of deaths.

But only by invoking the non-respect of democracy to ask people to refrain from F1 to go to Bahrain, humanitarian agencies may not be heard as Bernie Ecclestone has already announced that if any is calm in the country, the race would take place. Recall that this Grand Prix bring him over $ 30 million annually, according to some sources.

Formula 1 is never involved in movements that could be perceived as putting pressure on a political regime. As proof, the F1 World Championship was unflinchingly in South Africa the era of apartheid and Argentina at the time of the military dictatorship.

The Bahrain GP will take place, in principle ... picture #1

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