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The Car Guide 2012 stands out ... again!

In the last Book Fair Montreal, the Guide de l'auto 2012 was a finalist for the general public, shutter Lifestyle. Being selected finalist for a contest held at an event as prestigious as the Salon du Livre de Montreal is an honor that was hot in the heart of the authors of Guide de l'auto 2012 (Denis Duquet, Nadine Filion, Gabriel Gelinas Marc Lachapelle, Alain Morin, Gilles and Olivier Sylvain Raymond and the entire team of revision, graphic, coordination and fast!)

This is Tristan Demers, with his Tintin and Quebec, has won first prize. Congratulation to Tristan Demers ... and the gang Car Guide 2012!

The Car Guide 2012 stands out ... again! picture #1

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