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Ford improves its MyFord Touch system

Faster, simpler and easier to use: the upgrading of MyFord Touch improves the driving experience

• Ford announces a level of tactile screens MyFord Touch ™, which, on models 2013, will be equipped with new performance features. Existing owners of MyFord Touch ™ screens can obtain the upgrading free.

• The simplification of controls and graphic presentation and the reduction of the response time of the touch screen are just some of the many improvements in the system of connective embeds a voice command.

Ford customers wanted the MyFord Touch ™ Touchscreen is faster and adopts a simplified and easier to use graphical presentation, and that's exactly what Ford intends to offer their thanks to the deployment of many upgrades, performance level the system, including the models will be equipped Escape, Flex and Taurus 2013 Ford.

The software upgrade will be available from the beginning of next year (free for current owners of MyFord Touch systems) by bolstering the experience of vehicle owners, which have been made since the upgrades to meet customer feedback.

"The SYNC ® technology had already everything changes, and today we create a new revolution, which demonstrated how fast we offer customers what they really want to have said Graydon Reitz, director of global engineering of systems electrical and electronic Ford. Thanks to our strategy, which is to create the SYNC software platform and ay involve customizable screens of MyFord Touch, we have the flexibility and quickness necessary to meet the consumer reviews as a person before in the automotive industry. "

The new interface includes touch screen graphics and more streamlined and easy to use controls. Users can also enjoy a response time of Touchscreen considerably reduced, which responds to one of the main demands of vehicle owners.

Among the new features include compatibility with electronic tablets and audiobooks from Audible. Com as well as maps and navigation system voice recognition IMPROVED.

To watch a video on the improvements which have been made, go to http://youtube/c3k4iDZyhYE

To listen to the consumer

Since the launch of MyFord last fall, Ford has held four workshops in which the vehicle owners were able to discuss in person their experience of the new technology with Ford engineers. Their comments have been clear and unanimous: MyFord Touch has revealed an important purchasing factor.

A survey conducted in 2011 among vehicle owners Ford Edge revealed that four of the seven most important factors to purchase the vehicle are related to the MyFord Touch system: the touch screen, steering wheel controls, voice recognition and the style of the interior.

If vehicle owners said they liked the system, they wanted even when the improvement of certain elements. Earlier this year, Ford has begun to meet their demands by providing more information and instructions on how to exploit the full potential of the system functions.

Ford has also launched two programs inspired experience of purchasing a new device electronics by consumers. She first created a support website for owners of MyFord Touch system, in which it provides instruction videos ( Then, Ford of Canada launches tourneetechno, a training program gives dealerships by 14 specialists and trainers technology vehicles using Explorer 2011. Objective was to ensure that dealers have a thorough knowledge of MyFord Touch for power provide the best possible service to new users and, therefore, to obtain the highest level of satisfaction.

"The secret of continuous improvement is simple: listen, learn and adjust. This is the way to see to it that our customers are satisfied, said Gary Jablonski, director of development of the SYNC platform. From the very beginning, we planned to provide continuous way of considerable improvements to the software. This is the same thing as for the development of a smart phone or a computer, but in this case, it is your car that is improving. "

A new look

The aesthetic improvements have been made in MyFord Touch are based on simplifying the graphics elements to grace larger and fatter characters, on removing the secondary visual content and the creation of screens respecting a same model. In total, more than 1,000 screens beneficient to an improved appearance.

"When we designed the new graphic presentation, our goal was to simplify the screens and give at any time users a way to quickly and easily obtain the information they seek, said Jennifer Brace, ingenieure designer interface user at Ford. We therefore eliminates pimples, spots simplifies, improves the size of the characters and brings the driver frequently used commands. "

In some redesigned screens, the characters are up to 40% larger. They are also larger and fatter, making it easier to read, especially for drivers age 60 and over, the number is growing rapidly.

New features

Ford also took the opportunity to improve the performance of the system and add new features that allow users to track frequent developments in the electronics market.

For example, the acceleration of the response time of the touch screen was one of the main demands formulated by users. The first tests have revealed that the response time of the touch screen and the system voice recognition is at least two times faster than the current system. The upgrading of the software also provides the following improvements:

• Improving the use of the system voice recognition optimizes Nuance

- Acceleration of the recognition of the voice of the startup and faster command prompt with the voice command key

- Simplification used commands with voice navigation, since it is not necessary to indicate the direction. For example, "Main Street" rather than "North Main Street"

- Simplification of musical applications, as it is no longer necessary to mention additional information on this piece, album or artist often parentheses or brackets

- Possibility for users to tune the description of a game of their favorite sports team thanks to the new system of Sirius Game Finder simply by giving a command like "Play the game Montreal Alouettes'

• Compatibility with electronic tablet

- It is now possible to access the musical piece and the media content of current electronic tablets like the Apple iPad thanks to a simple USB connection

• Compatibility with Audible audio books. Com

- You can listen to audio books at a single voice command or by using simple commands on the touch screen.

• System realized by TeleNav navigation connects with new NAVTEQ map data

- The new display card is richer and has more landmarks in 3D

- The display exchangers and symbols is improved through the use of photorealistic images

- The intelligent routing choices offered are based on the data collected on the usual route

• Compatibility with Phones

- Improved the automatic connection of the Bluetooth entry into the vehicle

- Improvement of noise suppression and echo during calls, which improves the quality of communication

• Base data from Gracenote album art

- Inclusion of the most recent available metadata on music listened to improve the experience of listening

- Improvement of voice recognition for music search, which allows the user to easily find artists whose name or nickname is difficult to pronounce

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