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Renault Kangoo sells 15,000 Z.E. has 19 companies

Communicates Renault

Renault wins the trust of nineteen large companies that control 15,000 Kangoo ZE

Renault won the first batch of a tender impulse by governments, and orchestra by the Union Public Purchasing Groups (UGAP).

More than 15,000 Kangoo Z.E. will be orders of four years by 19 of the largest French companies, as well as the communities and the state, who participated in the tender.

The relevance of business model Electric Vehicle offers by Renault and the intrinsic qualities of Kangoo ZE are well rewarded.

The Electric Vehicle is now a reality at Renault, for both individual customers and for company clients. In total 15,637 Kangoo Z.E. will be orders by 19 companies as well as by communities and the state, including 10,000 for La Poste, 1,500 for ERDF, 1,200 for UGAP, 510 for Veolia Environnement, 450 for GDF-Suez and 330 for Spie .

A selection process in several phases

Renault has won the first batch of a tender initiated there a year and a half by public authorities who demand Jean-Paul Bailly, Chairman of La Poste, to establish a control group of large companies interested in the Electric Vehicle. The award was given to the Union of Groups of Public Procurement (UGAP).

The first phase of the selection process has been referred to as "competitive dialogue". Each month, automakers participant tender purchases have met the representatives of this group of commands to answer their questions, present the offer Renault ZE and trace their needs. This phase allowed to establish an overview of the supply and constitute a technical specification answering the needs of the group members of this tender.

Kangoo ZE, the first electric van 100% at an affordable price

Renault Kangoo ZE, the first range of 100% electric vans, accessible from 15 000 € (price France, ecological bonus of € 5,000 deducted) is available to order in France across the Renault network since September 30. It happens physically today in more than 370 cases in France and will be gradually commercialized in all European countries.

Kangoo Z.E. is manufactured, as the thermal equivalent in Maubeuge (France). Specialized in the manufacture of utilities for twenty years, the plant can adapt continuously to the own diversity has this type of vehicle (short versions, long, with or without windows, etc..) And commercial demand. A choice that allows rapid industrialization while ensuring a very high level of quality.

Jerome Stoll, Deputy Director-General Trade and Vehicles Utilities Division: "This success by Renault confirms the relevance of our electric supply as a service product, AMONG company clients. 19 large companies that will equip Kangoo ZE were seduced by the intrinsic qualities of the vehicle, as well as our original business model, based in particular on battery rental. I would like to thank all the customers who tender their trust in us and the Renault employees who have made this possible success. "

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