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Mitsubishi i-MiEV: The first electric vehicle from Mitsubishi Canada has given its owner

There are nearly four years, a resident of Winnipeg paid a deposit of $ 5,000 for an electric vehicle

Mr. Ross Redman has been waiting for this moment for almost four years. Indeed, it was in 2008 that he paid his deposit of $ 5,000 to reserve an electric vehicle that subsequently arrive in Canada. The big day arrives and Mr. Redman, the greatest admirer and first buyer of the i-MiEV (Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle) in Canada took delivery of his vehicle at Waverley Mitsubishi.

"I wanted to possess an electric car since 1960," stated Mr. Redman. "I pay the deposit hoping to use this fully electric vehicle daily. I can not wait to go back on board. "

"All our congratulations to Mr. Redman to be become the first owner of an i-MiEV model sold at retail in Canada," said Mr. Kenji Toh, Vice President of Sales of Mitsubishi vehicles in Canada, inc. (MMSC). "The enthusiasm generated by the i-MiEV and the future of our electric vehicles over the years speaks volumes about the technological approach and environment of Mitsubishi. "

Mr. Redman has given an important place has its i-MiEV in its mode of life including ecological already recycling and composting facilities bathroom has reduced flow and solar panels on the roof of his house. In addition to get around by bicycle and on foot and planting trees, it will integrate the conduct of the i-MiEV zero emission of exhaust has its day.

Over 95% of electricity in Manitoba is the electricity produced by the power grid. Therefore, this electricity is almost completely without gas emission greenhouse. For Manitobans Mr. Redman, without a car petrol has an electric car would result in a large-scale reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. (Source: Manitoba's Electric Vehicle Road Map (Road Map electric vehicles in Manitoba) of the Government of Manitoba, April 2011).

The i-MiEV, the most energy-efficient electric vehicle in Canada, is now available from Mitsubishi dealers in Canada and will travel the country roads of January 2012.

The i-MiEV 2012 Mitsubishi vehicle is a sub-compact hatchback and has five doors that can accommodate four passengers. This is a vehicle designed and manufactured to be energy efficient, ecological and fun to drive. This is the fully electric vehicle produced in the most affordable series available on the Canadian market. Thanks to its range of up to up to 155 km and a top speed of 130 km / h, the i-MiEV is an excellent vehicle to get to work for many Canadians living in urban areas.

The excellent fuel i-MiEV 2.1 L/100 km performance (112 MPGe) allowed him to rise to the forefront of the "2012 vehicles with the best fuel efficiency," an award by Annual Guide gasoline yield of EPA in the United States.

The well-equipped i-MiEV will be available in two versions. Available from $ 32,998, the base model is about $ 5000 less than any other fully electric vehicle currently available on the Canadian market. As for the high-end version with the Premium Package, it is available from $ 35,998.

The provincial governments of Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia have already announced subsidies for purchase of electric vehicles. The incentives for the i-MiEV totaled $ 8,231 for Ontario residents, while those in Quebec and British Columbia can expect to receive $ 7,769 and $ 5,000 respectively. Some provinces also offer additional incentives for the purchase of an EVSE (equipment supply for electric vehicles).

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